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#CaretobeDifferent campaign begins with Fiori’s story, taking care of her client living well with dementia.

The Good Care Group are dedicated to professionalising social care, and in particular care of the elderly. They are proud to treat their carers as the professionals they are. The constant message in the media is a negative one, and often the work of so many good people gets overshadowed by the pockets of poor practise. The Good Care Group decided to take it upon themselves to celebrate their carers, to thank them for their trust, kindness and compassion and above all constant dedication to their profession.

You can watch the video below

Our client has a diagnosis of dementia; she is no longer able to remain in her own home without the support of around the clock care. A lady who has always been very particular about her appearance and of those that support her, forging a meaningful relationship took some time. Our Professional Carer Fiori, has built a relationship based on trust, by seeking to truly understand the issues her client’s diagnosis presented her with. She focused on how she could positively impact on her clients well-being……why don’t you see for yourself.

We show a more personal side to the role of a Professional Carer, one that is often overlooked in our society, or more importantly not recognised for the very special skill set it requires. We want everyone who watches this video to be able to gain some insight into what it is like to be a live-in carer. The difference this role and service can make is simply wonderful.

Care is often in the news for the wrong reasons. We hope this helps to celebrate the difference ‘outstanding’ care can make, as well as how truly enabling this kind of service can be at a point in life when things can become more difficult to deal with.

This is just one of the countless examples of the work our Professional Carers do. We have many more wonderful stories to tell which depict the real difference our very special carers make.

We hope that anyone who views this video is touched by the kindness and compassion of Fiori’s story. If you have any questions about care, please contact our team on 0808 2528 708.

The full video can be viewed and shared via Youtube – please help us to raise awareness of the difference outstanding care can make. #Caretobedifferent #FioriStory #OutstandingDifference.

If you are interested in joining our team of carers, please head to our careers page where you can find all available roles and the unique benefits of being part of this team.



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