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Care to collaborate – “The Good Care Group set very high standards”


The Good Care Group does not just work collaboratively with other care providers to ensure clients receive the best possible service, we also worked with Thackray Williams Solicitors.

Claire Lovis, Thackray Williams solicitor, met Mr C when he contacted them about updating his will and appointing a lasting power of attorney. Mr C had lost his wife suddenly in his early 60’s and had no children or close family.  Due to a number of medical problems, Mr C was predominately bed bound, which didn’t support his sociable personality.

Claire Lovis said “He was a very social person who had made a number of friends in his neighbourhood, who offered him emotional and practical support when he was able to get up and manage in the house on his own. However, Mr C was keen not to burden his friends too much and decided to appoint Thackray Williams to deal with his financial affairs.”

After meeting Mr C, Claire Lovis had concerns about his current support package and his objection to considering residential care,

Claire said  “I thought Mr C might benefit from residential care as he was very sociable and really enjoyed talking to people and was interested in everyone he met. I also felt that he was  a bit vulnerable. Mr C  considered his current carers to be his best friends and was likely to be vulnerable to financial abuse.”

But Mr C was determined he wanted to remain in his own home, despite the obvious isolation of his current situation.

Claire Lovis  stated “ I had reservations about this ( Mr C staying at home) as I could see that he was extremely lonely. He was spending all day in his bed with no stimulation (television or radio). He was unable to read or get himself a drink or food.”

Following a stay in hospital Claire Lovis was concerned about Mr C returning home to his current package of care and contacted The Good Care Group.

“Following a spell in hospital, I suggested to him that we look into full time care at home. He was reluctant at first, because of his attachment to his current carers. However, The Good Care Group responded very quickly to my call and arranged a visit to Mr C so that someone could have a friendly chat with him. They explained to him what they could do to improve his quality of life for example arranging a hoist so that he could spend more time out of bed. At the  time I didn’t really appreciate how much added value The Good Care Group were going to be able to offer Mr C.”

Before the professional carers moved in with Mr C  the house had to be deep cleaned and over the following weeks the carers worked closely with Mr C and Thackray Williams to transform the house  into a home again.

“Upon my (Claire) entry to the house I was amazed by the transformation. The house was sparkling clean and tidy and for the first time since meeting with Mr C it really felt like a home. Net curtains had been put up and a tablecloth and flowers were on the table. Music was playing. Mr C spoke enthusiastically to me about the delicious home cooked meals he was receiving, but more importantly about how nice and how kind his carer was to him. The pair of them chuckled at their favourite in-jokes like old pals. Although this had been planned as a temporary arrangement to see how it went, Mr C quickly assured me that he would like to make the arrangement permanent.”

As the months passed additional carers joined Mr C’s care team as his needs progressed and he formed friendships with them all. It was evident from their interaction that he felt very comfortable with all of them. All of Mr C’s professional carers took the time to find out about his interests and support them. Mr C, with the support of his carers, was now not only spending time out of bed every day, but he resumed his hobby of painting. He loved the introduction of “Alexa” into his home and the carers researched audio books on outer space and science for him to listen to, another of his passions. Mr C’s life, with the support of his carers, had become meaningful and fulfilled again.

Claire comments;

“I found every aspect of dealing with The Good Care Group very positive. All the carers are highly professional and demonstrated respect for Mr C’s dignity and autonomy over his own life. They have a great technical system for the carers to manage all aspects of Mr C’s care including the financial transactions, which is available for me to view and check.. As a solicitor acting for many elderly clients in a range of care scenarios, a common complaint can be that the live-in carer just prepares meals and cleans but doesn’t interact with their client. It was evident that this is not the case for The Good Care Group who set very high standards for the level of care they provide, adapting to accommodate to the personality and needs of the person they are living with.”

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