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The benefits of live-in care during the summer months

Find out how The Good Care Group can help you or your loved one make the most of the summer months using comprehensive, holistic live-in care techniques.

Summer should be a time of activity and social engagement; live-in care can help make this a reality for your loved one.

Here, we’ll look at the various ways live-in care can support your loved one at home, and while out and about during summer.

Getting out and about more often

Community events like fetes, afternoon tea and outdoor bowls tournaments are great for keeping older people active and socially engaged. Your loved one may even want to take a day trip or short holiday.

A live-in care team can accompany your loved one on such trips, making sure they receive a consistent level of care and support.

Before a trip or holiday, the care team can help with things like packing and medication management. The carers can assist with any mobility-related challenges, as well as checking they’re suitably prepared for the hotter weather.

Adapting to the seasonal summer climate

These are just some of the benefits of having a live-in care team on-hand for your loved one during summer:

Heat stroke

Hyperthermia (an elevated body temperature, sometimes called ‘heat stroke’) is one of the biggest risks older people face during summer.

Factors like poor circulation, high blood pressure, illness and medications all potentially increase susceptibility.

Live-in carers will be on hand 24/7 to watch for the warning signs of hyperthermia. They can act immediately to help lower your loved one’s body temperature using techniques such as mid-temperature bathing.

Ambient temperature

Preventing hyperthermia begins with controlling the ambient temperature. A live-in carer can monitor the temperature and use fans or air conditioning to keep it at a comfortable level (below 26 degrees Celsius).

Planning ahead

Planning ahead can really help reduce the risk factors faced by older people in summer.

A live-in carer can keep an eye on weather forecasts to see what the temperature will be, and how it will feel when humidity is factored in.

When it comes to planning outdoor activities, a live-in carer will make sure your loved one doesn’t set out to do too much at once, and factor in regular water and rest stops.


Wearing the right attire is critical to comfort in summer. Older people tend to be more sensitive to the cold, but this can sometimes lead them to overdress in summer.

Your loved one’s carers will recommend loose-fitting, light coloured clothing when appropriate, and make sure any skin that isn’t covered is protected with sunscreen or a suitable hat.


Hydration helps regulate temperature and keeps your loved one sufficiently nourished. A live-in care team will make sure your loved one is getting enough fluids and look for the early signs of dehydration.


Your loved one’s medications may not work as intended if stored above a certain temperature. Also, the heat may alter their appetite, which could have knock-on effects for their medication.

Live-in carers are trained to take factors like these into account. They can communicate with medical professionals on your loved one’s behalf to better understand the risks and take the relevant steps to mitigate them.

The live-in care model is wholly adaptable, providing the level of tailored, round-the-clock assistance your loved one needs to make the most of summer.

Find out how The Good Care Group can help you or your loved one make the most of the summer months.

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