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Andrew Marr’s wife speaks out about poor care for stroke survivors

Jackie Ashley, the wife of journalist Andrew Marr has written a blog piece about the shortcomings of community care for people who have had strokes.

Marr was hospitalised for two months after a stroke in January this year, and needed months of physiotherapy after he was discharged to help him walk again.

Ms Ashley praised the care her husband received while in hospital, but said: “The inflexibility of the system is staggering. I’ve been contacted by many, many stroke victims and the general view is that hospital care is excellent, but there’s very little support after that.”

She added that community carers visited weekly “if you’re lucky” and said: “Given that so many stroke victims, and others who have suffered neurological injuries, would be able to get back to work and look after themselves with better rehabilitation after leaving hospital, this is surely a false economy.”

Jon Barrick, chief executive at the Stroke Association, said: “The NHS and local authorities are failing in their responsibilities to provide appropriate and timely support to stroke survivors and their families. And the growing evidence of cuts for people currently getting services is very worrying.”

Here at the Good Care Group, we support Ms. Ashley and the Stroke Association’s call for stroke survivors to receive a higher standard of care when they leave hospital.