6 fun and creative indoor winter activities for older people

6 fun and creative indoor winter activities for older people

These fun indoor activities for older people will help your loved one stay active and socially engaged throughout the winter months.

Winter activities for older people do so much more than just entertain; they can help to keep your loved one's mind and body active throughout the colder months, too.

As the weather closes in and conditions become treacherous, older people often find their options for using time productively grow ever more limited. However, there are plenty of indoor activities you can suggest to help make winter a more enjoyable and engaging time.

Indoor winter activities for older people

Here are our favourite indoor winter activities for older people:

1. Puzzles

Setting aside an afternoon to sit at the table and complete a puzzle will give your loved one the chance to use their problem-solving skills and dexterity.

There are many options with puzzles you might not have thought of before. For instance, you could turn this into a social activity, or introduce puzzles with themes that fit with their interests.

You can also choose puzzles of different complexity levels depending on your loved one's abilities.

2. Board games

Board games have been part of domestic life for generations, and we all have our tried-and-trusted favourites.

This activity exercises many of the same skills as puzzles, but adds to the social side of things. Take the time to gather the family together and enjoy a few rounds of Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo.

3. Knitting/sewing

Knitting or sewing enables older people to use their fine motor skills, provides them with a creative outlet and offers the chance to create something your family will always treasure.

Quiet and contemplative, both of these activities take patience and concentration. You can encourage your loved one to follow their own path, or use a special kit/sewing book to provide a little extra inspiration.

4. Flower arranging

Flower arranging is creative yet calming. This activity gives older people the opportunity to use their imagination, and practise precise hand movements.

The end result is well worth it, too; their displays will fill the home with colour and fresh, floral scents. This will brighten the space and act as a handy reminder that spring is right around the corner.

5. Joining a book club

Joining a book club offers a whole variety of benefits for older people, both cognitive and social.

Your loved one will be tasked with reading a book and considering its messages throughout the course of the week or month. Meeting up with other people to discuss the book will also give them a regular, valuable social event to look forward to.

6. Bird watching

Bird watching offers so much for older people to learn and do.

This activity does require a degree of preparation. You may need to help them get set up with a feeding table, bird-food, and a suitable place to sit and observe the birds.

Once everything's in place, your loved one can sit back and enjoy identifying non-migratory birds – such as robins and chaffinches – from the comfort and warmth of their home.

Find out how live-in care can help give your loved one more options for staying active and socially engaged throughout winter by speaking to our friendly team.

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