4 positive news stories about older people that will raise a smile

4 positive news stories about older people that will raise a smile

Raise a smile with these four positive news stories about older people, which show just how valuable older people and those who care for them are to society.

Positive news stories about older people are vital for changing perceptions in a world where the focus is often negative.

The older community adds an immense amount to our society. There are also many everyday heroes who go above and beyond to help ensure older people stay happy and healthy.

So, to celebrate the role of the elderly and those who care for them, we’ve compiled this list of positive news stories about older people.

4 positive news stories about older people

Here are four of our favourite tales involving older people that have made the news recently:

1. The Royal Mail’s ‘feet on the street’ scheme

A national institution with a history dating back over 500 years, Royal Mail has launched a new scheme to help reduce loneliness among older people.

As part of the ‘feet on the street’ scheme, postmen and women in Liverpool have been asked to stop and have a quick chat with elderly residents on their route.

Posties ask five set questions about residents’ well-being, and record their answers on a handheld mobile device. They then give these answers to Age Concern and the local council to help arrange any support needed.

2. Another successful inter-generational care arrangement

Whether caring for older or younger people, the mission is the same: to ensure safety, comfort and the highest possible quality of life.

Two community groups in Essex – the older persons’ ‘Monday Club’ and ‘Wivenhoe Bumps and Babies’ ­­– have joined forces to arrange regular shared music and play sessions.

Participants have already experienced much joy through these sessions, especially those without grandchildren or grandparents nearby. Organisers are now planning further events for the future.

3. 96-year-old saves village through art

A Taiwanese named ‘Huang’ took matters into his own hands when he discovered the government planned to close his village and home of 30 years.

Now 96 years of age, Huang has spent the last seven years painstakingly painting properties across his village, covering them with colourful images of puppies, kittens and pigs. This self-taught artist has been waking as early as 3am each morning to start painting. He has also paid for all of the art supplies himself.

Today, the village is one of the main tourist attractions in Taichung, attracting millions of visitors each year. As a result, the government has shelved plans to close the village permanently.

4. Couple spend last hours together on 66th wedding anniversary

Ron Bilton (89) and wife Mary (86) were able to spend their final hours together on their 66th wedding anniversary thanks to compassionate NHS staff at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Both Ron and Mary were admitted to hospital, but for different conditions that had to be treated on separate wards. The dedicated team moved Mary six floors to Ron’s bedside, so she could hold his hand as he passed away.

Sister Rosie Featherstone commented: “We were determined to do everything we could so they could be together at the end.”

These are just some of the positive news stories about older people that happen around us every day, but that we often overlook.

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