Improving Wellbeing
through Care at Home

An evidence-based analysis of live-in care versus residential care

An evidence-based analysis of live-in care versus residential care.

This paper reviews studies and evidence of care for older people, including those with dementia, examining the case for live-in care as opposed to residential care in a care home. Given the choice most people would prefer to carry on living at home whilst receiving the care they need. However, when families are faced with the realisation that their loved one or family member needs increasing levels of care and support, many still feel the only option is to move into a care or nursing home.  Whilst there are many good care homes in  , live-in care is fast becoming the preferred choice for those who wish to continue to live-in their own home, whilst receiving the care and support they need to have a good quality of life.

Improving Wellbeing through Care at Home

In addition to evaluation of existing research and studies, and expert opinion on the topic, it reviews new data collected independently by The Good Care Group. This data reveals the significant positive impact that person-centred home care can have on health outcomes including:

  • Improved quality of life and wellbeing
  • Higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with care received
  • Fewer hospital admissions
  • Reduction in falls
  • Reduced decline in function in people with dementia.

Overall, the evidence reviewed strongly supports the belief that home care is beneficial for older people needing care, with data to demonstrate that care at home can help increase quality of life and ameliorate decline – particularly with the condition of dementia – when compared to care within a residential home. The recommendation following this review will be that the provision of home care is explored before resorting to residential care.

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