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Good Care Together

Your window into the care we give your loved one

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Good Care Together

See what we see

As a nominated friend or family member of someone in our care, Good Care Together helps you stay connected with the support they receive from us.

It’s available online, any time and lets you see what our carer sees, so you’re always in the loop, even when you can’t be there in person.

What you can do with Good Care Together…


Access our carer’s daily notes anywhere, 24/7

The record our carer keeps every day gives you a great insight into what’s happening at home, helping you feel more connected to our care.


Stay informed about meals and medications

See what our carer sees as they keep track of food and drink intake, as well as medications, including any missed and the reason why.


View a diary of appointments and activities

With the handy diary feature, you can easily check if it’s a good time to visit or make a note of any upcoming appointments you may want to attend.


Keep track of any weekly cash spending

If you’ve asked our carer to be responsible for an agreed sum of petty cash, you can access a record of their purchases, including the receipts.


Share experiences in the social forum

Join a like-minded community of friends and relatives of the people we care for and exchange views, experiences and advice.

Good Care Together is strictly limited to a client’s nominated friend, family member or person with Power of Attorney. A maximum of two log-ins per client are available. Please ask your Care Manager for details.

“We feel closer to what’s happening at home, even when we’re away”

Family member of client

The Good Care Group female carer working at a laptop

Find out more about Good Care Together

Always remember that your designated Care Manager is there to help with any aspect of the care we provide. If you have any questions about the information you see on Good Care Together, please contact them directly.

If you are a friend or family member of someone in our care and would like to access Good Care Together, please speak to your nominated family member or the person with Power of Attorney.

Our carer community works for you too

Our carers have their own version of Good Care Together. It helps them feel part of the team, even if they are working in remote parts of the country.

While it’s a great support for them, it also enhances the care you receive by…

  • Providing a forum for carers to share best practice, help and advice
  • Minimising the time they spend on paperwork and admin
  • Hosting online training so skills and care quality continually improve
  • Keeping them connected to Head Office, so things run even more smoothly and efficiently

It’s all part of our commitment to supporting our carers, giving them everything they need to be their best and meet the high standards of care that we demand and you expect.


Talk to us about your care needs

To talk about your care needs contact one of our friendly advisors. Calls from landline are free.