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Home care in Westminster

The Good Care Group has been providing quality home care across England and Scotland for over 10 years. We provide bespoke and highly-personalised hourly care and live-in care services in the Westminster area and beyond. Our commitment to delivering the highest standard of care has seen us continually achieve the best possible rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We offer regular visits through our hourly care services all the way up to round-the-clock live-in care. If you have a complex medical condition, we also provide specialist nurse-led care.  Our care is highly flexible and can be tailored to match your care needs whilst encouraging your independence and the way you wish to lead your life. 

Whether you need specialist care for a complex condition or would simply love some company as you visit Westminster’s historic attractions and landmarks, our carers are here to help you stay in the place you know and love – your own home.

Our local team cover care across Westminster, including Abbots Manor, Belgravia, Churchill Gardens, Pimlico, St James’s and Victoria.

Arranging home care in Westminster

Our friendly and experienced team are here to help you and your loved ones make sense of the options available to you. Call us today we will help you every step of the way.

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Types of home care we provide in Westminster

When you’re looking for the right type of home care for yourself or a loved one, we know how difficult it can be to try and decipher between the different options available. The Good Care Group is proud to offer both live-in care and hourly care to our clients in the Westminster area. Find out more about these two types of home care below.

Hourly care in Westminster

tips-and-visitstips-and-visitsHourly home care is support provided in your own home when you need extra help with day-to-day life. One of our professional carers will visit you and provide assistance with household duties, personal care, cooking and preparing meals or any other tasks that help you maintain a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

Hourly home care in Westminster is flexible and can be completely tailored to suit your lifestyle. Our carers can pop in for as little as 60-minutes per visit for a minimum of three visits per week, allowing you to choose how little or how much assistance you want and need. 

Hourly care offers so much more than just practical support. Your carers are there to provide companionship and emotional support, should you need it. We take extra care to hire carers from Westminster so they will be more than happy to accompany you on trips into your local community, whether it’s marvelling at Big Ben together or strolling around St. James Park. 

If your care needs change over time, our care plans are flexible and can be adjusted to match your new care needs with minimal disruption to your life. 

Live-in care in Westminster

Our live-in care in Westminster provides constant, round-the-clock care and support so that you can live a better quality of life in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. An expert, professional and compassionate carer will move into your home to provide you with one-to-one care and support, as and when you need it.
There are many benefits to receiving live-in care. You will enjoy the help and companionship of a highly-trained and compassionate carer who will respect your home and your privacy. Your carer can provide assistance with whatever day-to-day tasks you need to keep living life on your terms. 

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to our care. The care plan you receive will be carefully tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle choices and preferences. This ensures that you receive bespoke and highly-personalised care designed to help you continue to live the life of your choosing. 

For those living with specialist conditions, like dementia, Parkinson’s, or multiple sclerosis, our expert live-in carers are highly trained to provide care designed to enhance your independence and improve your well-being. Our Specialist Care Service is led and supported by a dedicated Consultant Admiral Nurse and Occupational Therapist, ensuring you can continue to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in your home while managing your condition. 


Why choose home care from The Good Care Group?

We believe that there is nowhere better to be than in your own home, which is why we are dedicated to providing the very best home care across England and Scotland. As the only live-in care provider to be awarded with an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the CQC, we are incredibly proud to be keeping as many people as possible living in their own home with our exceptional care.


Fully-regulated service

We’re not a care agency, so we employ and train all of our carers to the standards set by the CQC.

Rated ‘Outstanding’

With an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the CQC in all five areas, you can have complete trust and faith in our service.


Local to you

Our Westminster carers are employed from the local area, so you’ll have someone caring for you that has knowledge of your community.


Outcomes focused

We diligently monitor the outcomes of all of our clients, which significantly helps us to reduce falls, UTIs and hospital admissions.


Award-winning provider

More prestigious industry awards than any other home care provider for our service, training and culture.


In-house experts

Our in-house experts are led by a Consultant Admiral Nurse and an Occuptational Therapist, who specialise in dementia and mobility.


Jessica Monaghan

Hourly Care Manager,

I’m Jessica, Hourly Care Manager for The Good Care Group. I first joined the company in 2019 as a Live-in Care Manager, which I did for two years before leaving to start up an hourly care service for a franchise provider in North London. I rejoined The Good Care Group in 2022 as the Hourly Care Manager.

As Hourly Care Manager, my role involves working alongside our client services team, assessing new clients, creating robust care plans and risk assessments of their needs and working alongside the scheduling team to find a suitable match of carer for each client to ensure that their care is set up to achieve the best outcomes. I may also need to work alongside our Occupational Therapist or Consultant Admiral Nurse when setting up more complex care placements. My role varies day to day, and a lot of what I do involves supporting my team of carers and my clients with whatever the day brings.

My career in health and social care started in 2010. Since then, I have worked in various roles including as a carer, care scheduler, care supervisor, care manager and registered care manager. 

As part of my role, I need to complete regular calls to check in and stay up to date with my care team and clients. Every three months, my care team is called for supervision and clients have visits and monitoring calls to ensure that they are happy with the care being provided to them. Clients also have six-monthly or monthly reviews of their care. If there are incidents or accidents, I provide support to them to ensure the safety of everyone involved, ensuring to review risk assessments and care plans to prevent future occurrences. I also work with the training team and support carers with their career development. My role is to ensure that the care team feels supported and clients are happy with the care and support that they are receiving.

I hold a Level 5 in Health and Social Care and have supported individuals with a wide range of needs including dementia, palliative care, Parkinson’s, cancer, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, learning disabilities, autism, mental health and neurological conditions. 

Alongside my Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care Management, I also hold a Level 3 in Education and Training, BILD Assessors qualification and an Open University qualification in Autism Awareness. I am a first aid instructor, moving and handling instructor and medication trainer. I believe that training is a vital part of the care role and continual development ensures the individuals that we support get the quality care they need.

I have witnessed both obstacles and successes within the sector and seen first-hand what difference can be made whether big or small in someone's life. I believe that the journey I have taken from starting as a carer to becoming a manager has allowed me to understand what support needs to be provided not only to the individuals we support, but the amazing carers that are providing it. I understand the importance of ensuring the highest quality of care is delivered, and enjoy leading and encouraging my team to work towards the best possible outcomes. I am an experienced care manager and have managed both hourly and live-in care in a home care setting. I have been able to see the benefits of people receiving care in their own home and remaining at home.

I am very proud of the journey I have been on to get to where I am currently in my career. I feel proud of my development and that I have been able to witness everything I have along the way from a carer to a manager.

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Services we offer in Westminster

Different to a Westminster care agency

At The Good Care Group, we are a fully-managed and regulated care provider in Westminster. This means that, unlike care agencies, we recruit, hire and manage all of our carers. By choosing a fully-managed service provider, you can avoid the hassles of becoming your own employer and having to find and vet your own carer.

We are also regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England. We are proud that our care services received the highest possible rating of ‘Outstanding’ from the CQC in England and was rated ‘Excellent’ by the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

Private care in Westminster

Sometimes the care an individual requires doesn’t involve practical support or assistance. For many of us, our families may live some distance away and it is not possible for them to visit frequently. Our carers are there to provide companionship and emotional support, should you need it. 

Our private care in Westminster can involve supporting your hobbies and interests, attending events and shows together or simply providing a listening and sympathetic ear. Having someone there on hand as and when you need them can help reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that are often experienced in later life.


Westminster dementia care

We know that dealing with a new dementia diagnosis or a loved one’s progressing memory loss can be a challenging time for families. We believe that with the right specialist dementia care in place, people living with dementia can stay in their homes and live independent and full lives for as long as possible.

For individuals living with dementia, staying at home to receive the care they need is a viable, and often preferable, alternative to residential care homes. A move away from home can be disruptive and distressing at any point in life, but it is especially challenging for people with dementia that thrive on the comfort and familiarity of home. 

The Good Care Group are specialists in dementia home care, which is overseen by our resident Consultant Admiral Nurse, Jane Pritchard. All of our carers receive specialist training in how to care for each type of dementia along with best care dementia practices designed to facilitate communication and reduce behaviours that may challenge. 

We understand the practical, emotional and medical challenges of living well with dementia. For over 10 years, we’ve helped countless families just like yours receive the dedicated dementia care they need in the place they love most – their own home.


Domiciliary care in Westminster

Domiciliary care or home care is provided to people living in their own homes who require additional support with day-to-day life. Domiciliary care provides the support you need, when you need it, so that you can keep living life on your own terms. Our domiciliary care plans are completely tailored to you and your individual needs, allowing you to live safely and happily in your own home. 

While domiciliary care provides practical help with the day-to-day, such as sensitive personal care or assistance with household duties, it can involve so much more. Your carer is there to support you with whatever activities help you maintain your preferred lifestyle in the community you love. 

Short-term respite care in Westminster

Respite care is a form of short-term care offered by someone other than your usual carer. It is a short and flexible arrangement that allows for a person to be cared for in the comfort and familiarity of their own home by a professional carer.

Respite care allows a family carer to take a break from looking after their loved one. Although immensely rewarding, care work can be physically and mentally challenging at times. Respite care allows a family carer a well-deserved break to relax and recharge their batteries. Respite care can also be used to try out a more permanent live-in care arrangement before committing fully.

Compassionate and fully-trained carers in Westminster

Our professional and compassionate carers are the heart of our care services. To ensure we are always providing the exceptional care we are known for, we employ and train carers to the highest standards. Our recruitment process is so rigorous, only 2% of those that apply are successful. 

After our recruitment process, each of our new carers completes our comprehensive induction programme. Our experienced in-house training team ensures each and every one of our carers has the knowledge and skills to provide our award-winning care.

How to arrange care in Westminster

Our friendly and experienced client services team is here to help you and your family make sense of your options. Do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to listen and provide impartial support and guidance. 

  1. Call us at 0808 2582 787 or request a callback through our enquiry form.
  2. We will arrange for a no-obligation care assessment.
  3. You will meet your carer and begin your life-changing home care service.

0203 728 7577

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