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Live-In Care is one of the safest types of care during COVID-19. Find out more here

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Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic the safety, health and wellbeing of our professional care teams has been at the forefront of our response – they are our heroes. We have proactively ensured throughout the crisis that they have high levels of guidance and support to deliver the quality care our clients and their families should expect.

We have been exceptionally proud of our professional carers, whose response to the pandemic has been nothing but outstanding and is a credit to team culture that exists at The Good Care Group.

We know how isolating the situation has been for, not only our clients and their families, but for our professional carers. Many carers have self-isolated with their clients over and above the time they are scheduled to provide care to ensure their clients safety and protection against the virus. Their dedication and commitment to their clients’ health and wellbeing has been truly remarkable.

At The Good Care Group, we are committed to protecting our professional carers, not just in terms of their safety, but their mental health and
overall wellbeing.

"I have always been immensely proud of the commitment and dedication of our team at every level within The Good Care Group. As a team they have unwavering commitment to excellence in all they do. This pandemic has really shown them all to be incredible, true to our values and simply amazing. I cannot thank them enough."

- A few words from our Business Director, Janet Bill

Ensuring carer safety

Given the nature of live-in care – care being provided on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of an individual’s own home – the risks to our carers health and safety in light of Coronavirus is significantly less than carers who provide care in a residential setting or for those providing
domiciliary care.

That said, we have adopted our ways of working to ensure best practice in protecting our carers in line with latest Government guidance. Our care teams receive the following support to ensure they can effectively do their jobs, with risk managed and controlled:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Whilst it is not necessary for our carers to wear PPE all the time to deliver care to their clients, we have ensured throughout the crisis that sufficient PPE has been available to our care teams, as well as cleaning and other protective equipment, including face masks, gloves and
hand sanitiser.

Carer communication

We send weekly operational updates to our care teams to ensure they have the information they need to do their jobs safely. These updates provide information across a number of areas enabling our carers to be up to date on all practice, as well as sharing compliments, offering training, sharing best practice and inspiring acts of kindness.

In addition, we have a carer guidance document that is updated and communicated when guidance from the UK government changes so our care teams have access to the very latest information.

Travel arrangements

We have supported our carers to travel to and from their clients home, minimising the need to use the London Underground and other forms of public transport as much as possible and in many cases providing taxis for our carers to get to and from work safely.

Managing training

We have adapted how we provide our market leading training programme to new carers and those in our teams. We have blended our approach using online training where possible, virtual training sessions and some in-house training adopting latest social distancing guidance so it can be conducted safely.

Protecting our carers health and wellbeing

We are proud to have harnessed our technology and creativity to enable our teams to benefit from the following events and initiatives during
this time:


A carer community

Using our market-leading digital technology carers have felt supported and connected to other care teams despite the physical distance between them. Our carer community features a social forum where carers can virtually meet at any time of the day, which has resulted in carers reporting feeling less isolated and more supported. Carers have used the community to share recipes, ideas of things to do with their clients, best practice on how to care for their clients during this time including activities and things to do during isolation, as well as enabling a forum for emotional support. This technology has seen some incredible examples of our care teams going above and beyond during the crisis – hosting family quizzes using ‘Zoom’, organising virtual birthday parties and other celebrations and events.

Self-care kits

We have provided our carers with an online self-care kit to help promote positive mental health and wellbeing. These kits include writing mantras, relaxation and medication cards and gratitude cards they can send to one another to keep spirits high during this time.

PressReader online library

All our professional carers and clients have been gifted free access to PressReader, an online library of over 7,000 magazines and newspapers to enable them to share the pleasure that reading can bring at this time.

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