“I have always been immensely proud of the commitment and dedication of our team at The Good Care Group. This pandemic has shown them all to be true to our values and simply amazing.”

Janet Bill, Managing Director

Ensuring carer safety

Given the nature of live-in care – care being provided on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of an individual’s own home – the risks to our carers health and safety in light of Coronavirus is significantly less than carers who provide care in a residential setting or for those providing domiciliary care.

That said, we have adapted our ways of working to ensure best practice in protecting our carers in line with latest Government guidance. Our care teams receive the following support to ensure they can effectively do their jobs, with risk managed and controlled:

Protecting our carers health and wellbeing

We are proud to have harnessed our technology and creativity to enable our teams to benefit from the following events and initiatives during this time:

A carer community

Using our market-leading digital technology carers have felt supported and connected to other care teams despite the physical distance between them. Our carer community features a social forum where carers can virtually meet at any time of the day, which has resulted in carers reporting feeling less isolated and more supported. Carers have used the community to share recipes, ideas of things to do with their clients, best practice on how to care for their clients during this time including activities and things to do during isolation, as well as enabling a forum for emotional support. This technology has seen some incredible examples of our care teams going above and beyond during the crisis – hosting family quizzes using ‘Zoom’, organising virtual birthday parties and other celebrations and events.

24/7 support

Our carers can contact us 24/7 via a dedicated phone line. Whether they need advice or guidance on a client related matter or they’re after a friendly ear, we’re here any time of day. We also have an Employee Assistance Programme which can be used for support with any personal challenges which might adversely impact a carer’s wellbeing, health and work performance.  It is an independent and entirely confidential service offered at no cost.

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