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Concierge service

Enhancing your life at home with a high-quality concierge service

At The Good Care Group we are committed to supporting our clients and their families by providing high-quality home care services that meet their needs, whilst continually innovating the types of services we offer. We know through our experience of supporting thousands of families who need long-term care for a loved one, how precious time is – for everyone. Our fully managed service is valued by these families as it reduces the burden of organising and managing a live-in care arrangement, which given many families do not live near their loved ones and have busy lives themselves, provides reassurance and peace of mind at a time they need it most.

Enhancing your life at home with a high-quality concierge service

Improving everyday life

We are proud to be partnering with Circles, a trusted Sodexo brand to offer a concierge service for our clients, their families and our carers that aims to relieve the burden of daily tasks and enhance everyday lifestyle experiences – isn’t that what we all want?

So, what is a concierge service and what are the benefits? A concierge service provides specialist personal assistance for household and lifestyle management, entertainment, travel, transportation and holiday planning, alleviating the responsibility and time required to organise and manage these yourself. Services include anything from arranging a tradesperson to fix a broken boiler in an emergency, to booking a taxi to take you into town, through to organising a much-needed holiday or break away or organising gifts or flowers to be delivered to relatives.

The Good Care Group Concierge can be accessed by our clients, their representative or our professional carer 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round via telephone, email or through our Client Community. The service allows you to source information, get advice or make bookings. No request is too big or too small. Once you start using the service and we get to know what you like to use it for and we better understand your preferences we are well equipped to make relevant recommendations that may interest you. In addition, you can benefit from a huge range of discounts and offers from popular shops, brands and restaurants via the online portal.

Improving everyday life

Here is how our clients have benefitted

Our client Anne is living well with dementia in the comfort of her own home in London. She is being cared and supported by Sarah one of our professional carers. Her daughter, and Power of Attorney (PoA) lives many miles away in Cornwall. When Anne’s washing machine broke down her daughter was able to contact The Good Care Group Concierge through the new service. The advisor was able to source two reputable plumbers locally to Anne, offering her daughter a couple of price and service availability options for her to choose from. She was able book the repair and easily pay for it over the phone. Everything was resolved quickly and smoothly for Anne so she didn’t have to worry about not having a boiler that worked, and her daughter had peace of mind as well as saving herself time having to arrange the repair herself.

Jack and Rose have been receiving care and support from The Good Care Group for two years, and despite their mobility issues like to have a holiday once a year together in the UK, with the support of our professional carer, Mandy. This year was no different and they asked Mandy to organise the trip using The  Good Care Group Concierge. The advisor was able to source different holiday options for them to consider that took into account their mobility constraints, organised and booked the chosen break and then recommended suitable travel arrangements that ensured they had enough rest breaks on-route. They then delivered travel tickets and the itinerary directly to Mandy. Jack and Rose felt the process was so straightforward that they may now consider more holidays away.

How to use The Good Care Group Concierge

The Good Care Group Concierge is now part of our fully managed service provision, at no additional cost to our clients or their families.

When you join The Good Care Group you’ll be set up with a concierge account and will receive your account details within the first week of service. You will continue to have access to the service for the duration of your time at The Good Care Group and can use it as often or as infrequently as you like.

Our clients will be able to access the concierge request portal via the Client Community.

Via email or telephone

Each client will be provided with an email address and dedicated phone number to call, when they are sent their account details.

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To talk about your care needs contact one of our friendly advisors. Calls from landlines are free.

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