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Case Study: Palliative Care

Case Study: Providing Mollie with palliative care at home

Our client

Mollie is 97. She was frail and had suffered six strokes in the past 10 years. Mollie was admitted to hospital after another major stroke where she was also diagnosed with heart failure. The doctors explained to Mollie and her family that she needed palliative care to make her comfortable in her final stages of life. Mollie wanted to return home to be close to her family and friends and end her days with dignity.  Her daughter contacted The Good Care Group to assist her wishes.

Our end-of-life care service

The Good Care Group sent a specialist care manager to visit Mollie at the hospital to carry out a detailed assessment of her needs and wishes. The care manager liaised with Mollie's doctors and nurses to create a holistic plan of care which was designed to keep Mollie as comfortable and as pain free as possible in her own home for the rest of her days.

Our success

Mollie’s carers ensured that she always had her favourite music – Mozart - playing around the clock so, whenever she woke, she was treated to the sound of his symphonies. Freddie the cat was always invited on to the bed where he had always slept and Mollie’s carers used her favourite scented soap to wash her each day. Even in the last days, when they were unsure whether Mollie was still aware, the carers still carried out her wishes. Mollie died on a beautiful summer’s evening, with Freddie on her lap, and the sound of Mozart playing softly in the background.

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