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Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Care

See how we help Martha with flexible, personalised home care

Case Study: Supporting Martha with live-in MS care

Our client

Martha was diagnosed with MS 40 years ago, remaining independent and working as an English teacher until she was 65. She lost her husband of 50 years in 2002 and, in recent years, her symptoms have worsened - as has her mobility. She was hospitalised for many weeks and this had a major impact, which meant she could not stand or walk on her own. Martha's strong desire was to return home, so her daughter approached The Good Care Group to explore live-in home care.

Our service

Our specialist MS care team conducted a comprehensive assessment and provided a team of two live-in carers, matched to Martha on the basis of her need, her personality and interests. Martha has full control of the service and the level of support she receives in her home.

Our success

Martha is now able to walk independently and has gained some weight from the home cooked meals prepared by her carers. She has been able to accompany her family on a short holiday to Cornwall with the support of her carer from The Good Care Group.

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“Seeing my mother come home after such a long stay in hospital and watching her go from strength to strength has been a blessing. The fact that she can now look forward to a holiday has really boosted her self-esteem.”

Martha’s daughter

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