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Stroke Awareness Month

Make May Purple, runs annually each year to help raise the awareness of stroke and the impact it can have on the individuals and their families. Despite being a leading cause of death and disability, strokes are often misunderstood and overlooked, with more than 80% of strokes being preventable.  For over 10 years, The Good Care Group (TGCG) has been helping people across the country to recover from the sometimes devastating effects a stroke can have on someone’s ability to live well.

Time is of the essence when it comes to stroke treatment, as prompt medical intervention can significantly improve outcomes. During our intensive training week, all our carers are taught how to recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke using the FAST method.

F: Face drooping

A: Arm weakness

S: Speech difficulty

T: Time to call emergency services

Acting FAST will give the person having a stroke the best chance of survival and recovery. The effects of stroke can be permanent although some people make a very good recovery. Therefore it’s important to understand the risk factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing a stroke. These risk factors include high blood pressure and or cholesterol, as well as smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption. It’s also important to know your family history of strokes or heart disease. By understanding your risk factors and taking proactive steps to address them, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and managing chronic conditions, you can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing a stroke.

“I have been very happy with the service provided, designed to help me become more independent after my stroke.”  TGCG client

After stroke care is a complex yet vital process designed to help people recover as much of their independence and ability as possible. Our dedicated team of live-in carers at TGCG will make sure your home is a welcoming and safe environment for you to return to.

They will help you:

  • Keep the home running smoothly
  • Manage your medication
  • Prepare foods recommended by your dietitian
  • Carry out physiotherapy and gentle exercise

Read more about how we can support you or your loved one in their rehabilitation in their own home. Together, lets raise awareness, empower individuals with knowledge, and work towards a future where strokes are preventable, treatable, and survivable.

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