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Major new care research report published by The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group have published a major new research report on elderly care, entitled ‘Improving Wellbeing through Care at Home: An evidence-based analysis of live-in care versus residential care’.

Our report uses an extensive array of case studies, expert opinion, and unique new data collected by The Good Care Group, to provide insight into the benefits of care at home as opposed to residential care, a topic that has been highlighted by recent publications from the Government and the NHS.

The cost of care at home is comparable to that of residential care and an overwhelming number (97%) of older people prefer to remain in their homes. Our report foregrounds new research on the health-related outcomes for both scenarios.

Dementia care is highlighted as an area where care at home been proven particularly effective in ameliorating decline and improving quality of life, helping loved ones to maintain greater social and physical functionality. Other mental health concerns have also been found to be lessened as a result of care at home, including substantial reductions in reports of depression and loneliness.  

The report also reviews Government social care policies, and uses data to quantify how care at home can give additional benefits including massively reduced hospital admissions and falls, stronger end-of-life care, and a hugely improved overall quality of life for care receivers. 

Fiona Lowry, our CEO, commented: “We understand it can be difficult for elderly people and their families and friends to make an informed care choice. Our new report is intended to encourage people to open a dialogue about elderly care with facts quantified by evidence, giving them confidence in choosing live-in care at home as the best option for their loved ones’ long-term benefits. The Good Care Group are proud to provide cutting-edge research-based care methods to improve quality of life for the elderly, using our extensive care-provision insight to train our carers and lead the way for better, longer, happier elderly life at home.”

To read about and download the report, please visit our site.