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World Poetry Day – Working in Care

At The Good Care Group, to celebrate World Poetry Day we created a competition for our carers. This was the perfect opportunity to get creative and write a poem. It was also a lovely activity for our clients to get involved in.

Our chosen theme was ‘working in care’, in which we received several entries that were all excellent. Sonya, one of our Professional Live-in Carers poem caught our eye as it captured a typical day in the life of a live-in carer, and what it involves.  It was also light hearted, positive and demonstrated the special relationship between a carer and a client. 

You may be asking yourself why live-in care? This poem could help you with that decision.

Of Dignity, Pride and Care…

Wake her up

Brush her hair

Give her breakfast, show I care 

Hold her hand sit and chat 

Listen to the day she’s at.

Respect her dignity.. Protect her pride 

Her independence is what I strive

Trips in the car make her smile.. She reminisces for a while 

I make the bed, I wash her clothes 

Some little things go untold. 

Make the tea.. Bake some cakes 

Support her with the steps she takes

I treat her like family.. Like my own

I think of my mother, if she were alone 

Remember the fond days.. we have known.

So day is done she’s tucked up in bed 

I’m left with pride.. and joy, not dread

I feel fulfilled and full of glee

To be a live-in carer..

   Oh yes..the job for me.

Interested in becoming a carer? 

If, like Sonya, you want to play a part in making a difference to someone’s life you can start your application form here.

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