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Sharing knowledge boosts health

Sharing knowledge improves elderly health and wellbeing

Older people have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to provide to younger generations and now it seems that sharing it is extremely beneficial to their health.

A new study published in the Social Psychology Quarterly states that regularly passing on advice and wisdom boosts the health of elderly people and improves their outlook on life. Passing on one piece of advice makes them feel that their life is meaningful and worth something, whilst those who don’t feel that their life is pointless and hollow.

The findings of this study prove the importance of giving elderly people the opportunity to speak and be heard. Whether it is to a family member, friend or a live in carer, it is important that they still feel valued. The elderly are not the only ones who would benefit from them imparting advice; the listener would be given the opportunity to learn and discover things they may not have known through conversations with someone possessing a large amount of life experience.

As people age, their opportunities to interact with different people decrease rapidly – even though they have gained the vital life experience needed to become an effective mentor. These limitations make a huge impact on older people’s psyche and general perspective as they feel that they are no longer contributing to or influencing the world they are living in.

Fiona Lowry, our CEO, commented: “We hope that in light of these findings, many people will reach out to loved-ones, as we believe that socialising is an important part of the caregiving process. Our own experience has shown that caring in the home reduces loneliness and gives the individual a greater social connection as they feel that they are part of the community. Our live-in carers provide vital companionship for our clients, ensuring they are well looked after psychologically as well as physically.”