6 Top Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy this Winter

Keep warm


Cold bodies don’t work as well. Wear layers so you can adjust your body heat to suit the environment. Be careful of trailing scarves, wraps or long dressing gowns as they may cause you to trip. If you have a blanket for your knees, put it well out of the way before you stand up. Wear non-slip, well fitted slippers around the house.


Don’t stop exercising just because bad weather means you can’t go outside. Walk circuits around your home, try some chair exercises to music, do stretching exercises before you get out of bed or stand up from your chair to get the blood circulating.

Dress for the weather

If you do go out dress for the weather, wear appropriate waterproof shoes with a good grip. Keep an eye out for leaves on the ground which may be slippery and icy pavements. Take your time, don’t rush. Remember your walking aid if you have one, if you don’t, consider buying a stick for extra support. Try not to go out in the dark as this increases your risk of falls, hazards are less able to spot.

Eat Well

Warming soups and stews provide energy and fill you up. Drink plenty of fluids, try warm squashes or try an OXO dissolved in warm water for a change from tea or coffee.

Stay Safe

Be careful of portable heaters or open fires, don’t get too close as skin can be easily damaged by the heat and there is an increased risk of fire. Check fire alarms.

Stay Well

If you feel unwell, contact your doctor, symptoms caught early are much easier to treat. If you haven’t had your flu jab yet contact your surgery to arrange one.

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