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How live-in care enables holidays for older people

Find out why holidays for older people are so important for maintaining high quality of life, and how live-in care can help support older people on holiday.

Holidays for older people are crucial for maintaining the best possible quality of life.

Having the option to travel abroad independently, or with loved ones, provides a host of opportunities and benefits. A holiday can help older people:

  • Create cherished memories through social interaction with loved ones and new friends
  • Stay active in a more mentally-stimulating environment
  • See places they’ve never seen before, or revisit places from their past
  • Get a change of scenery and come back refreshed

However, a reduction in mobility, cognitive ability, or confidence can often prove decisive in dissuading older people from taking a holiday. Here are some ways live-in care can help:

How live-in care enables holidays for older people

These are the main areas we look at to ensure the best possible care standards for older people on holiday:

Care consistency

Care consistency is hugely important when planning holidays for older people.

At The Good Care Group, we train our resourceful and experienced carers to maintain the highest possible care standards whether at home or away.

This includes factors like:

  • Medication: The live-in care team will check to ensure your loved one has sufficient medication to last for the duration of the break, and will remind them to take it as per their doctor’s recommendation.
  • Nutrition: Our carers will make sure your loved one stays well fed and hydrated during the break. They can arrange access to the types of food they prefer, prepare it when necessary and monitor their total intake.
  • Routine: The care team will take steps to keep your loved one’s routine as normal as possible, with certain actions (such as eating meals) carried out at the usual times. Your loved one will also be travelling with a known companion.

Care consistency is only part of the equation, though. A new environment can prove challenging, which is why a comprehensive approach to risk assessment is so important.

Risk assessment

Our carers will carry out a risk assessment tailored to the type of holiday or location, as well as monitoring potential risks throughout the holiday. These are some of the key areas they will look at:

  • Access: The care team will continually check for things like slippery or uneven walking surfaces, and wheelchair access capacity. They will consider mobility equipment (e.g. railings or airport buggies), and ensure there is always access to a W/C and other necessary facilities.
  • Security: Your loved one’s care team will ensure their accommodation and possessions are as secure as they possibly can be. They will also keep a close eye on your loved one while out-and-about to help minimise the risk of harm.
  • Elements: The carers will factor in weather conditions while planning the holiday, and check that the right types of clothing have been packed. They will also intervene before weather-related conditions (such as heat stroke) are able to take effect.

Arranging a holiday for an older loved one may seem difficult to achieve. However, live-in care ensures that everything from a weekend break to a round-the-world cruise remains a possibility.

Learn more about the ways live-in care can help older people stay active and maintain a high quality of life by speaking to the friendly team at The Good Care Group.

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