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The Good Care Group supports Stroke Rehabilitation care at home

The Good Care Group carers are highly trained in recognising and responding to the symptoms of stroke. Stroke is a medical emergency and by treating it as such we are able to ensure rapid medical attention and improved outcomes for people. As such 74% of clients who have experienced stroke whilst in the care of The Good Care Group have been enabled to return home to recover. We work with the Stroke Association; the UK’s leading stroke charity, who provide a Stroke Training Programme to our professional carers.

The Good Care Group philosophy for Stroke Care is based on the fundamental notion that people can and should be supported to live well following a stroke. The Good Care Group supports stroke survivors to make the best possible recovery that they can. The Good Care Group is able to make a positive contribution to outcomes for people who have or who may experience strokes at all stages in the care pathway – from awareness raising and prevention, through to identification and supporting timely treatment, and the provision of rehabilitative, long term or end of life care.

Stroke care at home

Who can we support?

We care for many people whose lives have been affected by stroke by offering the following services:

  • Supported discharge from hospital
  • Rehabilitation at home following acute treatment in hospital
  • Ongoing long term care following a stroke
  • Palliative care at home

How do we support people?

We deliver person centred care which considers social, psychological, physical and medical requirements:

  • Identification of stroke symptoms enables rapid medical response
  • Comprehensive assessment and personalised goal focussed care plan
  • Supporting rehabilitation and re-ablement programmes; facilitating the road to independence
  • Carers and managers that are trained in understanding how to support stroke survivors
  • Nurse led care: Dr. Penny Hibberd, our specialist nurse, can support health & psychological needs in complex cases
  • Multi Disciplinary Team coordination and access to services including physiotherapy, occupational and speech and language therapy
  • Support with communication
  • Administering and managing medications
  • Moving and handling support and using equipment in the home
  • Diet and nutrition including meal preparation and help with swallowing issues

Our live-in care model enables one-to-one care delivered in the familiarity of the home by highly trained professional carers. Help with personal care, companionship and domestic responsibilities is provided as well as support for all the family.

What outcomes do we achieve for people?

Improved well-being and quality of life

  • Improved communication
  • Achievement of personal goals
  • Client feels more confident, in control, informed and involved in their care plan
  • Enhanced recovery and independence
  • Better mood and reduced depression rates
  • Improved mobility and muscle tone
  • Reduced risk of falls
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Reduced risk of re-admission to hospital

“My mother’s health, strength and overall mobility has improved so much since Claire has been looking after her. Thank you for such a professional and efficient service.”

Mr S Cass