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Enabling innovation and adoption in health and social care


The Good Care Group is proud to announce their feature within The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) ‘Enabling innovation and adoption in health and social care’ publication. The CQC has recognised the outstanding, innovative development made in the use of technology and illustrates how this benefits both our carers, clients and their families.

The ‘Carer Community’ feature of our bespoke platform “Good Care Together” is used by every carer to support the documentation of care plans, electronic medication charts, activities and events for every client. These records are available for family members, regardless of their geographical location, to view their loved ones activities and daily care schedules. “Good Care Together” also enables both our live-in carers and clients to connect with one another, sharing experiences and advice about a wide range of topics, such as, recipes, exercise and strategies for supporting those living with dementia, through dedicated forums. It allows the uploading of webinars and relevant research to facilitate learning and improve the care delivered. Both our Consultant Admiral Nurse and Occupational Therapist use the forums to answer questions, suggest equipment and offer support. Through the ‘Client Community’ we are also able to offer all our clients a free of charge Concierge service.

This supports an open and transparent communication between carer, head office and client / family, building trust between the client’s family, the carer and The Good Care Group overall.

Our use of technology has really come into its own during the pandemic as we are still able to monitor the care from a distance. The Care Managers can still have access to all the Care Records without visiting and our Professional Carers can use the Chromebook to have virtual meetings with their managers and with the families. This has enabled us to continue our ‘Outstanding’ delivery of care, overcoming social distancing, isolation and lock down restrictions with “Good Care Together”, plus other available technology.

Emma Sadler, Head of Quality Assurance comments;

“We are really pleased to have Good Care Together identified as an example of best practice within the sector. Reliable technology is proven to improve client health and wellbeing outcomes, as well as providing a vital role in keeping people connected. This report is particularly timely given all of the additional challenges the sector is facing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that our example shows the potential for progress through use of innovative technology”

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has released their latest publication looking at the use of innovative technology within the health and social care sector. The use of technology is key in delivering a forward thinking, responsive and innovative approach to care. However, the CQC have recognised that, despite the advances made in technology, this innovative approach is not being widely used throughout the industry.

The CQC comments;

“Health and social care providers have a crucial role in changing this situation. To help them do this, national bodies working across the health and care system have come together to develop a shared understanding of what providers need to do to innovate well and how regulators and other national bodies can support them to do this.

This work has pointed to 6 principles that are crucial for providers to be more effective at innovating. The principles are based on reviews of the literature on innovation, CQC reports and engagement with over 60 health and social care organisations.”

To read the full publication please click here

About The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group was founded in 2009 with a vision of becoming the leading provider of high-quality home care services that enable people to live well in their home for longer, avoid the stress of moving into a residential care home and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Today the care provider has regional care hubs in Scotland, North, South East, South West, West Midlands, East Midlands and East Anglia, which allow it to deliver live in care services throughout England and Scotland.

A better alternative to care homes, The Good Car Group provides quality 24/7 one-to-one care to enable the elderly to live at home for as long as possible while giving loved ones and family peace of mind.


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