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Couple’s Care – Mr and Mrs G

The Good Care Group has been caring for and supporting couples for over 10 years, to live in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, whilst improving their overall quality of life with high quality live-in care.

Mr and Mrs G started their care journey with The Good Care Group in March 2020. Initially, the professional carers cared solely for Mr G. Even though both had been diagnosed with dementia, they were both at very different stages of their dementia journey. Mrs G had always been the homemaker and viewed her husband’s carers as her companions.

In May 2020, Mrs G’s dementia had started to progress and this is when it was decided to convert to couples care. Due to Mr and Mrs G having different stages of dementia, it was important to find the right carers who could identify their individual needs, as well as supporting them as a couple.

The Good Care Group placed professional carer Farrah at the placement. During her time there, Farrah has continuously worked with outside professionals and the couple’s daughter to successfully improve their individual wellbeing and relationship as a couple.

Mr G’s personal care and skin has greatly improved and Farrah’s calm nature has improved the couple’s relationship. They now get to enjoy their favourite beauty spot Loch Lomond, with the support of Farrah.

The District Nurses commented that Mrs G was looking her best, now supported by Farrah. The improvements made to Mr and Mrs G’s relationship have also had an impact on the wider family. During a recent visit their daughter commented how she once again felt like ‘a daughter’ and not a problem solver for her parents.

If you are interested in making a difference to a couple’s life by providing outstanding live-in care, please contact our recruitment team on 02038 115 074, who would be happy to discuss your career options.

There are many benefits to live-in care and some of the benefits are specific to couples care. For example, the cost of care; if a couple moves into a care home, the cost of care is typically double the price of receiving high quality, live-in care at home. With live-in care there is only one weekly fee for the care team, with a small supplement for couples care depending on needs, so it is a very cost-effective alternative to moving into a care home for couples.

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