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How to arrange waking night care

If you or a loved one is living with complex care needs that require support throughout the night, waking night care can help.

Waking night care is when a carer is present and awake during the night in your own home so that someone is always available to respond to your needs throughout the night.

The Good Care Group has provided high-quality overnight care to families in England and Scotland for over 10 years. Our award-winning service enables people to live independently in their own homes with an improved quality of life.

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What is waking night care?

Waking night care refers to a type of overnight care provided to people who require support or assistance during the night. In traditional overnight care, caregivers sleep throughout the night and may be called upon only once or twice during the night. Waking night care involves carers staying awake and attentive throughout the night to respond to the person’s needs. This could include assisting with toileting, repositioning in bed or simply providing companionship and emotional support.

Who is waking night care for?

There are several reasons why a person might require waking night care:

  • Older people: People facing challenges with mobility or chronic health conditions that require close monitoring during the night.
  • Complex care needs: Individuals with complex care needs that require extra support throughout the night to manage symptoms or medications and address any health concerns.
  • Physical disabilities: People with disabilities who require specialised care and mobility support throughout the night to live safely and comfortably.
  • Short-term care needs: Individuals recovering from surgery or managing short-term health concerns can benefit from waking night care to rest and recover.

What types of overnight care are available?

We offer various types of overnight care services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients and their families:

Overnight care (waking night and sleeping night)

Waking Night Care: Caregivers are on shift throughout the night, actively providing assistance and support as needed. This is particularly suitable for individuals requiring frequent help or monitoring during nighttime hours.

Sleeping Night Care: Caregivers are present overnight but can provide minimal assistance throughout the night, allowing for more extended periods of uninterrupted sleep. This type of care is suitable for people who may not need constant attention but require occasional assistance if an issue arises.

Live-in care

Live-in care provides consistency and continuity of care from a trained professional carer who will live in your home and provide you with care and support during the night. Our high-quality live-in care service means our carers can be woken up to support your needs once or twice during the night.

If you are living with complex needs that require more attention during the night, we can provide dedicated waking care during the night. This will require an additional carer to support you during the day if your family are unable to manage your care during the day.

Short-term or intermediate care

Short-term or intermediate care provides temporary assistance for individuals recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. We can provide waking night care on a live-in care basis or as hourly care if you live in London.

The benefits of waking night care

There are many compelling benefits of receiving waking night care in your own home:

  • Enhanced safety: Waking night care ensures someone is available to address nighttime emergencies promptly, providing a secure environment for people with health conditions or mobility challenges.
  • Improved sleep quality: Individuals receiving waking night care often experience better sleep quality, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • Personalised support: Waking night care offers a level of one-to-one tailored support that is almost impossible to receive in other care settings.
  • Peace of mind for families: Families are reassured knowing that their loved ones are being well looked after throughout the night.
  • Continuity of care: Waking night care ensures a seamless transition between daytime and nighttime care, ensuring your loved ones are never left without the care they need.
  • Promoting independence: Individuals enjoy greater independence with waking night care, as carers offer bespoke care and support without compromising autonomy.

How much does waking night care cost?

The costs of receiving waking night care in your own home are subject to a full assessment of your loved one’s needs. It is worth considering that live-in care is comparable to the care offered in a care home, with all the compelling benefits of staying in the comfort, familiarity and safety of your own home and surroundings whilst receiving the specialist medical support you need.

Visit our planning and costs page.

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