How Much Does Overnight Care Cost?

Many family carers can manage the daily responsibilities of caring for a loved one but find the commitment of overnight care to be difficult to manage in terms of looking after their own health and well-being. 

Our overnight care provided by highly-trained professionals ensures your loved one receives all the care and support they need during the twilight hours. This allows family carers to refresh and recharge throughout the night so that they can provide the best care to their loved ones during the day.

Find out more about our overnight care services including the cost of overnight care for older adults.

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What is overnight care?

As the name suggests, overnight care is one-to-one support provided by a professional carer in a client’s home throughout the night. During the nighttime hours, a carer will be there to provide support with any care required including toileting, administering medication or mobilising in bed. 

There are many reasons why a person might require overnight care. For many older people, being left alone throughout the night can feel daunting. Overnight care can provide both reassurance and practical support so that older adults can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. For people living with a specialist condition, overnight care allows them to receive the dedicated care they need to manage their condition whilst continuing to live safely and independently in their own homes.

Overnight care can also provide a welcome reprieve for family carers, allowing them to rest and recharge to fulfil their carer duties throughout the day.

Sleeping night care or waking night care: which do I need?

There are two ways that overnight care is typically provided: sleeping night care and waking night care. 

Sleeping night care is when a carer stays in your home throughout the night and can be woken up to two times to provide support. This allows the carer to also rest so that they are able to provide support throughout the day as well.

With waking night care, a carer is always awake throughout the night so that they are alert and able to monitor your well-being and respond appropriately to any changes. This type of care is particularly suited to someone that requires specialist support for an ongoing or chronic health condition or for people that are living with dementia.

What are the benefits of overnight care?

Overnight care is for anyone who could benefit from knowing that one-to-one care and support are available throughout the night, should they need it. There are many situations in which overnight care may be beneficial, including:

  • To provide companionship and security for anyone that feels anxious or lonely throughout the night
  • To enjoy overall better physical and mental health due to improved sleep
  • For people with mobility concerns, overnight care can lower the risk of falls and accidents
  • Regular support for nighttime medication administration or changing position in bed
  • Assistance with toileting breaks
  • A professional carer will always be present to provide an immediate and appropriate response to any nighttime emergencies that may arise 
  • Help with complex care or progressive conditions such as dementia
  • Reassurance for you and your family that there is always someone present to look after your loved one

Is there funding available?

Cost is a significant factor when considering overnight care. Still, there are funding options available ranging from healthcare funding to benefits entitlement that can help cover some or all the costs of your care. 

Visit our Planning for The Costs of Care page to learn more about the different types of funding that may be available to you. If you have questions or require support in navigating the different types of funding available, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly advisors are always here to help.

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