Why CCGs should use live-in care during COVID-19 outbreak

6 Reasons why every CCG should consider live-in care as part of their plan to free up hospital beds and ease the burden on the NHS.

As the need to free up beds at hospitals is increasing, many CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) have been looking into securing additional capacity for discharging people to residential and nursing homes. However, the risk of cross-transmission to vulnerable adults in care homes has become a great concern over the past few weeks.

Live-in care is the safest type of care during the pandemic and it also offers a cost-effective alternative to discharging people into care homes. According to new research by the Live-in Care Hub (a not-for-profit coalition of leading live-in care providers), there has only been one client case of COVID-19 across its 2,600 service users. Live-in care helps to prevent the spread of infection, as the patient receives 1-2-1 support from a single or rotating live-in care worker at home, in a safely isolated environment.

Working in collaboration, Live-in Care Hub members can help to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and free up hospital beds to reduce the strain on the NHS.

Here are 6 ways how:

  • We can provide a discharge to assess model or short-term respite services.
  • We can reduce hospital readmission numbers compared to care homes.
  • We are able to agree on a single price across hub members to enable easier and faster commissioning and reduce the administrative burden.
  • We share similar standards. Having worked together for 5 years at the most senior levels in our organisations, we have built trust and relationships that will enable us to work effectively to keep people safe when they are discharged home.
  • We are ready and able to mobilise quickly.

Read the full article on Live-in Care Hub.

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