The Good Care Group supports Parkinson’s Awareness Week – 7th-13th April 2014

At The Good Care Group we care for a number of individuals living with Parkinson’s and understand how it can affect daily living and quality of life for those living with the condition, which affects 127,000 people in the UK.  To mark Parkinson’s Awareness Week we wanted to share with you a story about one of our clients who has managed to gain improved independence and wellbeing by receiving our specialist Parkinson’s care service.  Our live-in care is provided by two of our professional carers who have been trained by Parkinson’s UK, the UK’s leading support and research charity, who run awareness week.  This year’s awareness theme is ‘Control’ and focuses on raising awareness and educating the public on how they can help those living with the condition take control of their lives – see how Arthur regained control of his life.

Our Client

Arthur is 76 years old and lives in North London with his wife Maisie. Arthur has Parkinson’s and needs quite a bit of help with daily activities and medications. His mobility has been affected and he uses a wheelchair. He also has difficulty in swallowing which makes eating and taking medications difficult. Arthur has trouble in speaking clearly and getting his views across. It is very important that he gets his medications at the right time.

Arthur has been using an hourly care agency to support him, but increasingly needs more help during the day, and Maisie is struggling to meet all his needs on her own. He also finds that the time of the carers visits can vary greatly from one day to the next, making his medication regime hard to maintain. Arthur has struggled with making himself understood to the numerous new faces that come to tend to him each day, and finds the constant change of carers hard to keep up with. Arthur’s son Bill engaged the services of The Good Care Group.

Our Solution

The Good Care Group provides Arthur with 24 hour live in care. Arthur felt he would be more comfortable with a male carer, and so was introduced to Henry and Bob – both specialist carers are employed by us and had attended training from Parkinson’s UK. In addition to having the right skills for the job; both Henry and Bob have a keen interest in motor sport – an industry Arthur spent most of his working life in.

Arthur’s care is flexible – he has support on hand whenever he needs it, which suits the fluctuating nature of his condition. Daily routines are built around his needs and preferences – not the other way round. Medications regimes are closely adhered to. Arthur has found that because his carers are there for him around the clock, they have been able to help him with his physiotherapy programme, working on exercises which have improved his mobility and level of independence and quality of life.

Our Success

Henry and Bob have cared for him for over a year now, and the continuity of care has been really beneficial. Henry and Bob have got to know Arthur; they understand his speech despite his difficulties, they can read his body language, and they know exactly how he likes things done.

“Having Henry and Bob to care for Arthur has taken away the burden from me and allowed me to be his wife again. Having his condition managed so effectively by both carers has meant that Arthur has felt more himself and enjoys life once again.”
– Maisie, Arthur’s wife.

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