The chance of a family holiday

At The Good Care Group we provide respite care to clients for a variety of reasons; giving a family member a break from caring for a loved one, allowing family to take a family holiday or simply giving people the opportunity to experience live-in care before making their final decision.

Our Scotland based Professional Live-in Carers have provided some respite stories for us to share that illustrate how our short term care supports clients and their families. 

Mrs B’s daughter contacted The Good Care Group to ask about a respite package of care for her mum. Her mum at the time had visiting carers but her daughter felt that she needed increased support when she was going on holiday with her family.

Mrs B was primarily house bound and was only able to walk short distances with her zimmer frame. Her daughter said that her hourly carers could not persuade her mum to have a bath or shower and that her hair had not been washed in a long time. They hoped our Professional Live-in Carer would have more luck in encouraging her mum to complete these personal care tasks. 

Mrs B had lived in her home and local community for almost 50 years, she was happy to tell the carer all about the area, how it had changed, what school she went to and where her parents had lived. The carer spent a lot of time getting to know Mrs B and developing trust between them.

Our Professional Live-in Carer supported Mrs B to get into the bath; she washed and set her hair and then later that afternoon they went out for a walk (Mrs B was in a wheelchair) for a coffee and to show the carer the local sights.

They had a lovely week’s respite and on her return Mrs B’s daughter said she could not believe her mum looked so well, with her hair washed, having been in the bath numerous times during the respite period and out to the shops for coffee.

Mrs B’s daughter was delighted and has since booked repeat respite with us.

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