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TGCG Features in Express Health Article

This morning the Express online published an article on the startling numbers of dementia clients in the UK who are prescribed antipsychotic medication. Dominique Kent, The Good Care Group's Chief Operating Officer, was happy to be featured within the article as a reliable source.

Dominique discussed how The Good Care Group work with new clients to reduce their intake of prescribed drugs from GPs. Especially those who come out of care homes.  She adds that there are other methods of treating dementia without the need of a prescription. 

The article draws upon the current attitude on dementia and how the country acts on treating people with the disease. A study was led by Coventry University and published in the journal BMJ Open, that examined prescribing data from more than 600 care homes and found that there was no significant decline in antipsychotic prescribing rates. 

George McNamara, head of policy at Alzheimer's Society, said: "This continued reliance on antipsychotics to manage behavioural symptoms of dementia is deeply worrying."

Please head over to to read the full article.