Supporting someone living with Cancer

For many older people, there’s nowhere better than home. With the support of a Professional Live-in Carer our clients are able to stay safer and happier in their own homes. At The Good Care Group we have been providing specialist care for clients with cancer in their home for over 10 years. We support people with the physical and psychological effects of living with cancer, enabling them to live well, no matter which cancer they have, or at which stage they are in their journey.

Kudzaishe, our Professional Live in Carer reflects on the care she has given her client who is living with Cancer “When I met my client T.S, I noticed he was the most caring and loving gentleman. He made me feel so welcomed into the house very quickly. Despite the challenges of his diagnosis, there were a lot of good times spent together. From his birthday, to Valentine’s Day and Easter, each holiday was spent with a lot of joy and happiness.

Caring for someone can be a challenging experience but at The Good Care Group , our carers have access to around the clock support and advice. We understand providing care can be emotionally and physically demanding, so have a wide support network in place.

Wherever your care placement takes you, help will always be on hand. You’ll have 24/7 access to your Care Management team, a confidential phone line and the compassionate support of an Admiral Nurse should you ever need it. Kudzaishe said she felt supported during challenging times “Sadly my client’s condition was at the final stages of life and things were moving quite rapidly in the time I’d been looking after him. I would say you have to be quick to adjust to each day as it would lead to different circumstances, but with the support of his wife and with the support of my manager we got through it together. ”

Caring for someone living with cancer can be emotionally challenging, however live-in care enriches lives and provides a fulfilling element to your work. Kudzaishe reflects “I truly and honestly did enjoy taking care of T.S. Despite the bad and good moments, I tried my best to keep him at ease which was sometimes a challenge mentally. With the right support from The Good Care Group and his wife, we worked wonderfully as a team.

If you feel you can make a difference or if you’d like to learn more about the role of a Professional live-in Carer call our recruitment team on 0203 728 7570 or click here.

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