Step into Care – Success Story

The ‘Step into Care’ Programme offers the opportunity to people who have gained valuable experience caring for friends and family to step into a professional caring role. The programme involves nine days of training including hands-on applied learning, e-learning, reflective practice, workshops and practical learning to ensure that the very best care is delivered to our clients.

Christine, our client’s daughter, shared some wonderful feedback on the way Alex (who recently completed our step into care programme) takes care of her Mum. We are ever so grateful to hear such kind words. 

Christine says:

“I had not visited the house for about two weeks until earlier this week when I had the huge pleasure of meeting Alex for the first time. Alex is perfect for Mum and for us! She is a natural at managing Mum’s needs, even the most challenging behaviour,  yet remains gracious, positive and kind. She is extremely organised and works very hard!

Alex also respects our home and is doing a lot of extra jobs even without our asking. Most importantly, Mum is very happy and smiles with her and we can see that she cares about Alex and wants to spend time with her.  The night care has been excellent, but I believe that she will also make an excellent day carer as she helps out with the day care in the late afternoon. We realise that she had no previous [professional ] experience until now, but she is clever and learning fast and has managed some complex medical situations”.

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