Stay connected this Winter

With tier restrictions on socialising, it’s more than ever crucial to stay connected with your wider family, especially your elder loved ones, as loneliness can have a major impact on someone’s physical and mental health.


Mental Health

There are many health implications that loneliness can contribute to. In a recent study by Age UK, it was reported that one in five older people experience a cognitive decline when engaging in fewer social interactions. Loneliness also affects someone’s mental health and mood, increasing their likelihood of depression and other mental health illnesses.

Pick Up the Phone

You can stay connected with your loved one in a number of different ways, whilst the world slowly comes out of the pandemic. Calling your loved one on a regular basis will give them something to look forward to and give them time to share their daily stories and news. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter, like sharing a baking story or discussing what they have watched on television.

Video Call 

We understand at The Good Care Group that family members often feel that they don’t know what to say to an elderly loved one on the phone, especially when their loved one is living with dementia. Video calling could be a good outlet for those that struggle with conversation. Having face to face time with your loved ones gives both of you the chance to feel close to one another. At The Good Care Group our carers have access to a Chromebook to facilitate such a call.

Get Creative 

Families can also get creative with the use of technology. Organise a time to watch a film together or a particular show on television. Families could read to their loved ones or share the daily news with them. All these acts create the feeling of someone being there, and that is what counts in this present time.

At this current moment social contact is key for mental health and wellbeing. If we are unable to meet at Christmas this year, creating that companionship using technology is a great way to ensure your loved one has the feeling that someone is there. 

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