Shielding with your loved one – activities you can both enjoy

With the third lockdown now in place across the United Kingdom and those most vulnerable being asked to shield again, The Good Care Group’s professional live-in carers have compiled a list of activities you and your loved one can enjoy safely from the comfort of your  home.


The Big Wide Web

The internet, if you have access to a smart device, offers a variety of free online games and apps you can play and explore with your elderly loved one. For example, The BBC Reminiscence Archive has been designed for those with dementia and consists of historic BBC content, like photographs, photo books and interactive computer games.

Another unique online game, specifically designed for those with dementia, is My Reef 3D Aquarium. This app allows your elderly loved one to interact with 14 different types of fish, stocking the aquarium and managing the tank. Alternatively, like a real fish tank, you can both sit back and enjoy watching the fish swim by.

Live Streams 

Live streams have become very popular during the pandemic, and many organisations have continued to provide tours via streaming. Zoos, safari parks and museums all have live streamed tours and talks you can access via their website or social media channels. These are an innovative way of experiencing culture, nature and the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Board Games

Board games are a good way to keep the mind active, especially those based on spelling or memory, like Scrabble and Boggle. Most board games require a minimum of 2 players, so are a fun way to spend time together. Other brain training games can also be played solo, so can entertain an elderly loved one whilst you manage the household.

Organising Photos

A lovely way to take a walk down memory lane. Looking back over old photos is a good activity to do with an elderly loved one with dementia. It gives people time to regress and share stories from the past. It’s the perfect way to understand your loved ones’ past experiences, building your relationship and bond, making this unusual time a positive one.

Listening to Music

Listening to music can create a calm and peaceful environment. You may also like to explore new genres of music, like classical or jazz. Music is good for getting the mind thinking and many people can connect their emotions to certain pieces of music. If your elderly loved one is finding lockdown difficult to deal with, try finding a song that lifts their mood.


A lot of our clients enjoy baking with their carers and this was a popular pastime over Christmas. However, this does not need to be limited to baking. Meal preparation is a great way to get your loved one involved in developing a new skill or improve their current cooking abilities. Our clients also enjoy looking through cookbooks for inspiration.

Even in lockdown you can find ways to enjoy your time with your elderly loved ones and make precious memories. Our excellent live-in carers strive to make every situation a positive experience for their client.

It is important however, to engage at a level that is right for your elderly loved ones abilities, especially those with dementia. At The Good Care Group, for our client’s with dementia, we use the Pool Activity Level.

The Pool Activity Level (PAL) is an assessment tool our Care Managers use to assess what level of engagement and ability our clients are functioning at. This enables activities to be adapted and pitched at the appropriate level for each client. It provides strategies and resources to support the client to fulfill their potential at whatever their stage of dementia. You can gain help and advice about your loved ones abilities through their health professional.

If you are currently considering ongoing care or would like to try respite care to see if live-in care is right for you and your loved one, please contact our friendly Client Services Team on 0808 2740 132

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