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Reduced help with care costs hits those with moderate needs

The Care and Support Alliance (CSA), which represents 75 organisations and charities, has published a report about the new cap on elderly care costs, claiming that those with ‘moderate’ needs will not receive financial assistance from the state. This could include people needing help with everyday tasks such as washing and dressing.

The government has pledged to cap care costs for everyone at £72,000 from 2016, but the CSA estimates that around 340,000 elderly people will be excluded from the cap because their needs are not classed as ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK, commented that many families who thought they would receive help with elderly care costs would be left disappointed with this latest news: “Hundreds and thousands of older people and their families who have assumed they will benefit from the Government’s social care reforms will be shocked and deeply disappointed to find they may not receive much help, or any help at all.”

It is estimated that only 22,000 people a year will benefit from the cap. If the new system continues to exclude elderly people with moderate needs, those who require basic assistance could fail to get the help they need, although those with substantial or critical care needs will receive government assistance once the £72,000 cap has been reached.