Our age might change but our wishes don’t

A recent study by Greenwood Campbell, Standard Wise International and Autumna has highlighted how people do not see or wish for their lifestyles to change as they get older. 

In the recent survey from the National Care Forum (NCF) “Customer of the Future to the over 50s”, 55% of respondents thought the same things would be important in 20 to 30 years’ time as are important to them now. They highlighted the below points as areas they felt would still be important to their lives:

  • Socialising with friends & family – going out or getting together at home
  • Hobbies – reading, puzzles, cooking, knitting, gardening, TV, music, DIY, car maintenance
  • Keeping fit – walking, running, cycling, exercise classes
  • Having pets
  • Things for you – pampering, shopping, surfing the internet, social media
  • Being active in your community or practicing your faith/religion/volunteering/politics/environmental activism
  • Going out – cinema, gigs, concerts, theatre

We would all like to continue to enjoy these aspects of life as we become older, but it is important to remember that as we age our care needs may increase. The choice you make about your care could directly impact these social aspects of your life. For example, if your future plan is to move into residential care, then having a pet may not be possible. Relying on an hourly care service may prohibit you from socialising with family and friends at different times. 

With a Professional Live-in Carer, all these aspects of life are made possible. Professional Live-in Carers can help support your life choices, by arranging visits to family and friends, as well as enjoying your favourite activities and hobbies. Professional Live-in Carers are also able to help you with exercise and being active within your local community. Pets can also be cared for and carers will walk your dog, so you can keep your trusty companion with you. 

Plus all this will be enjoyed within the comfort of your home and local community. 

If you are looking at planning your future care it is important to consider the type of life you wish to lead in your older years and how each care choice can benefit and limit these aspects. As these findings suggest, age is just a number.


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