Men’s Health Week 2021

The goal of men’s health week is to increase awareness of men’s health issues that can affect men disproportionately on a global level. Heighten awareness of preventable and treatable health problems that can affect males of all ages. It can also be used to support and educate men and boys of the importance of engaging in healthier lifestyle choices. It can help to encourage the early detection and treatment of health problems in men.

Men’s health week is becoming bigger and more celebrated each year. The more popular it is, the more awareness and education we can achieve. The aim is to get men talking about health issues and the importance of taking prompt steps to deal with them.

We can also use this week to shine a light on mental wellbeing and tackle some of the taboos that are still attached to this very important subject.

Some studies have shown that men can be up to 80% less likely to use a regular service of health care like a primary care physician than women. A lot of men only visit their GP if they are actually sick. However regular check ups are important for preventing things like cancer, high blood pressure,  heart disease and diabetes. If you haven’t had a prevention care check up for a while it’s time to visit your GP. Many conditions don’t have obvious symptoms,  but may put you at higher risk of heart attack or stroke

Aside from eating well, staying physically active, closely monitoring your alcohol intake and avoiding tobacco products are all extremely important. Here are a few additional tips on how men can improve their health.


Take time each day to do something you enjoy and get at least 8 hours sleep each night. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is also important. You could try practicing meditation and learning some mindfulness and gratitude exercises. Connecting with nature and keeping in close contact with your family and friends are all important tools in boosting and maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing.

Protecting your prostate is also extremely important.  Your prostate grows with age , you may notice changes in your urinary habits and urinary problems. The best thing you can do to lower your risk of an enlarged prostate or developing prostate cancer is to eat a nutritional and balanced low fat diet. Like any other medical condition early diagnosis and treatment is vitally important.


Whether it’s your spouse, partner, friend, dad, brother, uncle or work colleague. Show them you care about them and their health by wearing blue.  Wear blue day can be used to raise awareness, money and education regarding men’s need to seek medical check ups on conditions that affect them like testicular and prostate cancer. It can also be used to focus on the importance and benefits of men making health lifestyle choices.

It is such a unique and important week to really shine a light on all things related to males’ physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

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