Key ingredients of a 5-star live-in care service

Find out more about the key elements that contribute to a live-in care service rated as 5-star by clients and ‘outstanding’ by CQC.

We work tirelessly to maintain the best possible standards for our clients, so the 5-star rating they’ve given our live-in care service is immensely important to us.

Here, we’ll look at the key elements of a live-in care service that puts the client at the heart of the equation.

A 5-star live-in care service focuses on…

For our clients and their loved ones, these are the most important aspects of live-in care:

1. Companionship

The social aspect of a live-in care service is critical to ensuring your loved one stays as happy and engaged as possible.

With live-in care, the onus is on supporting the client in maintaining the lifestyle they’re familiar with. A huge part of this involves helping older couples stay together, even as their care requirements diverge.

Pets can be a calming and joyful influence, but most residential care arrangements require residents to give them up on arrival. Our live-in care service enables older people to continue living with beloved pets, enjoying the benefits of companionship but with the support they need to ensure the pet’s needs are met.

Of course, with a carer present in the house 24/7, your loved one’s relationship with them is paramount. We were delighted to see from our client reviews just how adept our carers have become at things such as:

  • Identifying shared interests
  • Reacting to social cues (even when unspoken)
  • Planning engaging activities

Here’s what the relative of one of our clients had to say:

“[The carer] has been a great deal more than just a carer. [They’ve been] a companion, friend and compassionate professional, always going the extra mile to ensure ‘J’ was well cared for and loved. She has also been a good friend to me.”

Ultimately, when your loved one is receiving the care they need, you can focus on spending quality time with them. You’ll no longer be required to spend your time together helping around the house. And, you won’t have to worry about their ongoing safety and happiness when you’re not present.

2. Adaptability

We’ve seen from our feedback just how far adaptability helps smooth the care process. Our carers prioritise adaptability on two levels:

  • Day-to-day adaptability to accommodate client wishes and deal with unexpected occurrences
  • Long-term care plan adaptability to take account of clients’ changing medical or personal requirements

The daughter of one of our valued care clients provided an example:

“[The carer] is adept at addressing problems and solving them; for example, to tackle the issue of cold hands, she made a hand warmer soft toy from a draught excluder… [and] altered several skirts to fit because of M’s weight loss. [The carer] is a good cook and can make appetising meals from all sorts of ingredients without a recipe. She worked out ways of increasing calorie intake with milkshakes, smoothies and creamy soups. She happens to know a lot of poetry, quotations and songs that M knows, so they got on well.”

3. Discretion

As well as providing companionship, our clients and their relatives have reported discretion as something they truly value.

Getting jobs done efficiently behind the scenes is crucial to keeping the house running smoothly. We also strongly believe in our clients’ right to privacy.

A relative of one of our clients commented:

“[The carer] very quietly and professionally just got on with the job in hand. When I was busy (out at various meetings with banks, funeral directors etc.) I would come back to the house cleaned from top to bottom, washing done and lunch prepared.”

Choose a live-in care provider that prioritises all these elements to ensure your loved one enjoys the best possible quality of life.

Discover how a 5-star live-in care service can help promote better quality of life for people who now require additional support. Speak to our friendly team.

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