The Joy of Nature

When matching our Professional Carers with a client it’s important to look not only at their skills as a Carer, but to also look for shared interests and hobbies. These are the things that will help our clients and Carers bond more quickly, with their wellbeing benefitting from a companionship friendshiOne of the many benefits of live-in care is that our Carers have the time to really get to know the people they are supporting.  As many of our Carers are matched with an ongoing client, meaning they support the same person each time they are on placement, they build up a strong relationship with them.  They understand what’s important to their client and how they can help support them with their passions and hobbies.  For Vicky’s client that passion was nature and wildlife.


Vicky has worked as a Professional Carer with The Good Care Group since 2015 and joined us with previous experience working in residential care settings. Vicky’s client was partially sighted and it became more difficult for her to fully see her surroundings, so she was missing out on her passion, nature. To help support her client relive her passion they would often sit and talk together about what Vicky could see in the garden and any animals that might come to visit.  One day whilst Vicky was making some tea she saw some foxes in the garden.  When she mentioned this to her client she was delighted and her client shared that she was very pleased that they still came to visit.

As Vicky’s client was unable to see them for herself she would spend time sitting with her, looking out over the garden and describing every little detail about their four legged visitors.  It became a part of their daily routine and they’d sometimes spend hours sitting and talking about the wildlife that visited the garden and Vicky’s client would share stories from her past.  Vicky would also take photos and enlarge them on her computer so that her client could take the time to look at them whenever she wanted.

 Vicky commented “my client had a great love of nature, it really enriched her day for us to be able to sit and chat together.”

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