How a live-in service enables personalised care

A personalised care strategy incorporates an individual’s personality, favourite activities and medical needs, to create a comprehensive care plan. They also adapt over time as conditions change.

A personalised care strategy incorporates an individual’s personality, favourite activities and medical needs, to create a comprehensive care plan. They also adapt over time as conditions change.

Live-in care is the most personalised care model, helping you gain the support you need while also staying in your own home with bespoke one to one care around the clock.

Routines are not imposed on you with live-in care. It is still your home, and you can continue to enjoy life at your own pace. Medication is given as needed, your food is chosen by you, and everything is created around your social life. All of these qualities are provided by a carer who has been carefully matched to you, who can also be a friendly companion, as well as someone who is there to care and support you.

Find out how a live-in care service enables personalised care in a way that other methods can’t.

Medication management

Live-in care puts an expert in charge of your medication.

A member of the live-in care team will be present in the property 24/7, giving them scope to oversee your medication intake regardless of your sleeping pattern or the complexity of the prescription.

Making sure medicine is taken correctly, at the right time and in the right context (such as immediately after food), ensures it has the desired effect and reduces the risk of side effects.

A live-in carer can also monitor how effective your medication is over time, providing invaluable insights for healthcare professionals to fine-tune your prescriptions over time.

Lastly, a live-in carer can oversee the amount of medication you have to hand, and make sure your prescriptions are collected even in adverse weather conditions.

Nutritional management

Live-in care ensures mealtimes remain one of life’s pleasures.

A live-in carer will get to know the types of food you love, and support you in purchasing and preparing meals you’re comfortable eating.

Live-in care also means there’s someone there who can keep an eye on your nutritional intake on a longer-term basis, making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and active. Your meals can also be adapted to meet condition-specific requirements.

If you have difficulty using utensils, a live-in carer can assist you, or prepare foods that can be eaten with your hands. And, if swallowing food isn’t as easy as it once was, a live-in carer can prepare texture-modified foods that make the process easier and less risky.

Hydration is another important factor that requires the type of consistent attention enabled by live-in care.

Social activities

Live-in care helps you stay socially active.

Staying in your own home isn’t only about the many memories you’ve built up in the property, it also helps keep you close to the support network you’ve come to rely on over the years.

A live-in care arrangement lets you stay in touch with friends and family members based locally, all of whom can be visited, or stop by, regularly.

You might look forward to regular social events in the local community, or have a hobby that’s easier to indulge in at home. Live-in care enables you to carry on with these activities in the way you feel comfortable and familiar with.

Live-in carers provide much more than standard care. They become trusted companions who provide friendship and alleviate the loneliness often experienced in our later years. As a constant figure, they also provide a sense of security for their client.

Live-in carers tend to be highly skilled professionals who’ve chosen to build their career around caring for older people. These carers have the time, skills and motivation to become a companion around the home — someone to talk to and turn to when you need support.

Live-in care is the only method that can give you the level of personalised care they need to enjoy a rich, familiar and fully engaged quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about how our live-in care service puts your needs and preferences first, contact our friendly team today.

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