How Jacqui helps clients live to the best of their ability

“I reside in Spain but have worked in Scotland for The Good Care Group for over 6 years. Every client is individual and I find that to give the best care possible the client has to feel relaxed, secure and comfortable in their own home. What I enjoy about my job is helping people live to the best of their ability where I fit into their daily routines and then help and assist to make that day the best it can be for them. For example, I had a client that was too frightened to go out in case she fell, so I got the right equipment from the NHS and together we went out walking, slowly building confidence up by going further each day and it has now become her favourite pastime.

I also had a client that enjoyed baking but felt she couldn’t do it anymore because of her disability so as a joint effort we did it together and baked the cakes. The client started enjoying cooking and baking again, and together we loved planning the daily menus. As a result her friends and family would come over more, enjoying the home made cakes as it brought people together.

These examples are only a small part of what I do. What I find is that everything is important and even the small details can bring the greatest joy in life.”

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