Good News Story – A Carer’s Journey

We caught up with Caroline, a Professional Carer at The Good Care Group and explored her career journey.


Caroline started working for The Good Care Group in 2016 where she completed the 5 day professional carer training learning amongst other things the importance of delivering personalised care.

“The one thing about my training that really stuck in my mind was when they told me to allow the client to be your teacher, really listen to your client and you will learn all you need to know to support them, that we are all different and we all have different needs.

These words have served me well in  all my different roles within The Good Care Group.  Whether it be a client or a carer who needs support, listening is really important in order to understand  the support they need.”

After training, Caroline was matched with her first client, Mrs A, who she immediately had a rapport and friendship with.

“We clicked immediately from the moment I walked into her home. I spent 18 months with my Mrs A, who had Dementia. Mrs A could only speak a few words and I initially felt very nervous about my ability to support her needs. I am pleased to say that did not last very long, as the words ‘let your client be your teacher’ came into my head. Mrs A really did let me know what she needed from me, using body language, facial expressions or tapping my hand. We did have some challenging times due to Mrs A’s dementia, but with a lot of patience and compassion, Mrs A and I spent some wonderful days together and I learned another side of caring for someone with Dementia.”

Caroline’s journey with The Good Care Group continued in 2018 when she joined the Scotland team as a Rapid Responder. As a Rapid Responder Caroline had the opportunity to travel throughout Scotland supporting both clients and carers, as well as access to an “amazing support network”. This role allowed Caroline to expand her skill set by supporting a variety of placements, meeting Clients with many different conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, stroke and end of life. In this role Caroline also supported the Care Managers by completing carer and client supervisions, reviews  and providing carer training.

In 2021, Caroline’s career journey with The Good Care Group, took her to a new challenge as an On-call call handler. Caroline is confident in her new role, as she is able to draw upon her extensive experience she gained as a Rapid Responder.

“I feel with all the experience and knowledge gained as a Rapid Responder, I will be able to contribute a great deal to my new role. I am always ready for a new challenge and always willing to learn more, offering support where it is needed.”

Caroline reflects;

“The Good Care Group has given me a new purpose. With the wonderful training and support given, it has enabled me to progress with my career and go much further than I expected. I am looking forward to many more exciting times within the company. The Good Care Group definitely tops all the care companies out there in my opinion, they strive to provide the best care possible to people who want to stay at home and I am proud to be part of that.”

We are confident that Caroline will be a great addition to the On-call team and proud we have been able to support her through her career progression.

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