Gary’s story – The family visit

Gary has worked for The Good Care Group since January 2019 and has recently finished a 10 month placement with Mr R. During his time at the placement, Gary shared the joy and fulfilment his role as a live-in carer brings.

Gary started his placement a few weeks after Mr R’s wife of 51 years had sadly passed away. Understandably, Mr R was very low in mood and Gary provided much needed emotional support, offering a listening ear to Mr R’s stories about his wife and their loving marriage.

During the placement, which coincided with lockdown, Gary and Mr R built a strong friendship and over time, with Mr R’s emotional wellbeing and fitness improving, enjoyed bike rides together during the summer days.

During lockdown Gary helped Mr R keep in contact with his 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren, setting up zoom video calls. Even though these were extremely beneficial for Mr R’s mental wellbeing, it was never a replacement for physical interaction. So, it was a great joy when Gary could finally arrange a visit from his grandchildren, who are the centre of his world.

“It’s the first time he’s seen his grandchildren for 4 months because of lockdown and he is so excited about it”, stated Gary on the morning of the visit.

On the day of the visit Mr R was full of joy and anticipation. Gary supported him by completing the house work and daily duties around the home. They then enjoyed baking cakes and making lemon ice-cream in preparation for the family’s arrival.  Gary explains,

“I’ve been doing some domestic duties this morning… (but) obviously being a professional live-in carer, supporting your client with their needs is the most important part of the role.”

That evening Gary and Mr R enjoyed a lovely home cooked dinner and were able to reflect on the family visit. Gary reflects on the family reunion,

“My client is still on cloud 9 after seeing his family this afternoon, and that was a very special moment to witness… that’s what makes a live-in carer such a special job, you’re able to be part of that, it was absolutely amazing.”

Gary has now finished his placement with Mr R, who is switching to domiciliary care. Gary understands that the live-in carer requirement was not long term, but has extremely enjoyed his time there and finds his role as a live-in carer very fulfilling,

“To support him (Mr R) to build up his independence and give him that strong emotional support he very much needed at the time has been very rewarding indeed.”

If you are interested in becoming a live-in carer, just like Gary, please contact us

(Note: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)

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