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Elderly people choose care at home

The fear of losing their independence is one of the major concerns for people as they approach their senior years. A 2010 survey of senior citizens carried out by the Disabled Living Foundation revealed that almost half the people polled feared moving into a care home. People expressed a strong desire to remain in control of their own lives and to be able to exercise choice over their own futures.

The best way to ensure that elderly people are able to retain the highest possible degree of independence, while still being afforded the assistance they may require, is care at home.

A home carer, whether offering live-in care or visiting on a day to day basis, works in partnership with the older person. They are able to help with overly taxing tasks, chores and offer other assistance without smothering or swamping the person requiring care. Elderly people naturally feel far more comfortable in their own personal environment and by receiving care at home feel they retain much of their independence.

The Care Quality Commission’s State of Care Report 2010 – 11 confirms that care at home offers people more choice and control than other care options. In the Commission’s report it was revealed that 87% of people receiving domiciliary care felt they retained control over their care, a higher score than that registered by residential or nursing home facilities.