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Department of Health acknowledges best practice at The Good Care Group

“Great day with The Good Care Group – terrific commitment to quality and their workforce”

“Saw the best recruitment process I have come across at The Good Care Group today. Blend of telephone, interview, written and psychometric”

“Home carers seen as professionals at The Good Care Group. Great training and support lead to motivated workforce”. @gmason1963

The words of Glen Mason, Director of People, Communities and Local Government at the Department of Health following a visit to meet The Good Care Group team yesterday. We were delighted when Debbie Sorkin of the National Skills Academy for Social Care recommended that Glen visit our senior management and professional care team, so that we could demonstrate to him how best practice care can be delivered. As well as meeting our team we organised for him to visit one of our clients and her daughter to understand the issues they have faced in organising long term care and how the service we are providing is really making a difference. It certainly was a day to remember – we are very proud of his public social media statements.