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Dementia Awareness Week 2016 - Day Two

Day Two of Dementia Awareness Week, we, at The Good Care Group, would like to share the following Carer story.

Nike sent in the most heart-warming story about her client - read and enjoy!

"Back in March I took my Client to an amateur production of An Old Time Music Hall by the Kimpton players.

Now this may not seem much, but in the last 18 months I have been here I have tried to organise for my client to see musicals and shows (as in his past he often used to go to the theatre in London) however due to different circumstances such as him being unwell, he has never been able to go.

So this time I finally succeeded - and we went! We had to be there by 7.30pm for an 8pm start (now he normally is in bed by 9pm so I was not sure how long we would stay). There was a pork pie supper included and laid out on the table with cheese and pickles and some lovely bread. My client dived straight in (as he does enjoy his food!).

They had provided pamphlets with the words to the old songs in so that we could join in with the singing - I was not sure if we would though.

Well after the first half I asked if my client was ok to stay and see the next half and he said he would like to.

In the next half my client started to join in with the singing and looked really happy.

When the next interval came (it now being gone 9.30pm) I asked if my client wanted to go home he asked what time would it end. I said about 10.30pm he said "No I would like to stay... Well it is not that we do this often!"

I smiled and was so pleased that he was enjoying himself.

We got home about 11pm and had a coffee then went to bed.

The next day he was telling everyone what a lovely time he had.

He also over the next few days/weeks was more involved in what was going on around him which made going out even more worth it."


Zoe Elkins - Head of Care, The Good Care Group