Dementia Awareness Week 2016 – Day Four

Three short stories each one a little gem of genius care giving for you on Day Four of dementia awareness week!

Three short stories each one a little gem of genius care giving for you on Day Four of dementia awareness week!

Ellie contacted her manager to share some photographs following an event she organised last week. It was so lovely we had to share it with you all:

On the queens 90th birthday we celebrated by having a tea party. My clients Molly & Ernie and myself made some masks of the queen and all enjoyed tea & cake, we all had great fun! Molly especially loves the Royal family and everything relating to the queen.

Katy started working with her client four weeks ago. Her client has been living alone for some time, and has been quite isolated and rather depressed. Katy had to take things one step at a time, using a very gentle and reassuring approach. Katy’s client is currently confined to the upstairs of her house and getting out and about is proving too difficult at the moment. Katy had the idea of introducing a cinema night for her client. Each evening they pick a film; Gone with the Wind being one of the favourites, and they settle down with some fresh fruit salad or snacks, and a cup of tea. Katy says:

“Every evening after Dinner we are watching old films. Suzie has a TV with DVD, sometimes I am using an hdmi cable with my computer, so we are watching films from the internet, Suzie loves that time, and after she is able to sleep all night.”

Monica’s manager contacted me to tell me about the great success she has had with her client. “Monica has done a brilliant job settling this placement down, and in providing John with a stimulating environment. She has introduced colouring books and play-doh and these have greatly reduced John’s obsession with ‘going to the office’, as he now sees them as being a meaningful occupation. It is great to see what a difference having a skilled carer has made to John’s quality of life – I noticed how many times Monica started with ‘John was calm and happy’ – a big change to what we saw when we visited.”

I hope you are all enjoying the week and having some ‘success stories; of your own!

Zoe Elkins, Head of Care, The Good Care Group

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