Couple’s Care – Mr and Mrs M

The Good Care Group has been caring for and supporting couples for over 10 years, to live in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, whilst improving their overall quality of life with high quality live-in care.

Mrs M came to The Good Care Group in January 2020. She had fallen at home, her mobility was poor and she was generally frail. She desperately wanted to come home but her husband has Parkinson’s disease and was unable to care for her. They are a devoted couple and being seperated for 4 months was taking its toll on both Mrs and Mr M.

Mrs M’s Social Worker called The Good Care Group and asked if we could help. A referral was made and our friendly and efficient Client Services team sent the requested information to her Social Worker and Mrs M’s family. A request for an assessment came shortly afterwards and it was agreed that The Good Care Group could support Mrs M to return home. As part of the package we would also provide Mr M with home cooking, some light housework and do his laundry. Mr M did not feel he needed support for his daily activities and self care.

Since the arrival of The Good Care Group, the couple were supported during Covid to keep in touch with their family via an iPad and telephone. They celebrated birthdays, their wedding anniversary and Christmas. Their professional live-in carer cooked their favourite meals and set up the dining room table with candles, to add that extra special touch. .

Both Mr and Mrs M no longer leave the home due to frailty, but they have fond memories of walking in the hills near their home in Scotland. One of their carers used to walk the routes they suggested and filmed her walks on her mobile phone. On her return they would have afternoon tea and watch the video together, chatting about the routes they both took. You can watch the video here:

On remembrance day, Mr M spoke of some of his lost friends and was reflective.  The carer showed him a display she had made and they spoke about his friends and had a 2 minute silence at the front door.

Both Mr and Mrs M and their family feel that The Good Care Group has made a huge positive difference to their lives and allowed them to be together in their own home. Mrs M has had no further falls or hospital admissions and both are happy and content.

If you would like to find out more about live-in care for yourself or your loved one, please contact our friendly Client Services team on 0808 2504 180.

There are many benefits to live-in care and some of the benefits are specific to couples care. For example, the cost of care; if a couple moves into a care home, the cost of care is typically double the price of receiving high quality, live-in care at home. With live-in care there is only one weekly fee for the care team, with a small supplement for couples care depending on needs, so it is a very cost-effective alternative to moving into a care home for couples.

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