Client celebrates three years with The Good Care Group

Ella is part of the Marketing team at The Good Care Group, and wanted to accompany Karen, Care Manager, on one of her visits to meet a client named Mrs B, who is celebrating her three-year anniversary with us.

“I have worked in the care industry for a number of years, and I really wanted to join a care manager on a visit to meet a carer and client, witness their connection, and experience what it’s like to receive
live-care in your own home. Care manager Karen covers our care packages in the North West, which is local to me. The purpose of the visit was to celebrate Mrs B’s three years with TGCG and have afternoon tea, along with her carer, Hani.

“When we arrived, we were greeted by Hani, who has been supporting Mrs B for two and a half years now. We went inside to the living room where client Mrs B was waiting. They had sandwiches, a pot of tea and lots of cake ready for us. Mrs B loved seeing Karen and really enjoyed meeting new people, so she was very welcoming to me.”


Ella asked Mrs B how she found care with The Good Care Group, to which Mrs B replied…

“I went into hospital because my cousin noticed I was getting confused, so my friend Sheila came over and called an ambulance, which must have been sitting right round the corner because it got here in two minutes! I’ve never known anything so fast in my life.

“I was rushed into hospital with a urinary tract infection (UTI). The following day I was told to go to the toilet by the nurse, and when I did, I fell over and struck my head. I’ve been unable to live the way I used to since then. I was then admitted to a care home for three months before falling again. My goddaughter wanted to find me live-in care so I could come home. She started looking for what I’d consider ‘the best’. She said The Good Care Group covered everything and said to me I should try you straight away. I’m not in a position to argue with her! And so here we are. I came home on the 17th October 2019.

“When Hani initially arrived we went on a walk, and all she did was brag about how great The Good Care Group is. She is a wonderful person who brightens my days. I don’t want to be in this situation, but at least I’ve met people like Hani. She’s a lovely experience and a breath of fresh air, but she’s much more than that.”


“I’ve never been happier to see someone walk through the door than when Hani Does.”


Mrs B couldn’t help but rave about how amazing her carers have been…

“Hani and Hazel are the best. I’m very lucky to have had them for the past two and a half years. I’ve never been happier to see someone walk through the door than when Hani does.

“Hani is very lovable and a good person. I really am very fond of her – she’s a joy to have to be honest. I was really ready for her to come back last week and I was delighted when she walked through the door. Her character, or more specifically, the kind of person she is, is one of the best things.”

Hani said: “I honestly think you get that out of me.”

To which Mrs B replied: “We spark it off!”

“Absolutely. We have grown very fond of each other.” replied Hani.

Mrs B continued: “We keep each other going, we never have quiet days – we are jam packed!”

Hani then said: “Mrs B puts joy and fun into my job.”

“I greatly appreciate being welcomed into Mrs B’s house and accompanying Karen on such a nice day. I observed how diligently our live-in carers worked to complete their daily responsibilities and prioritise their clients. I left Mrs B’s house admiring both the friendship between the two of them and the effort Hani puts into her job every day.”

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