At The Good Care Group, our Professional Live-in Carers provide all our clients with companionship, whilst delivering the required care package. However, in some circumstances, our clients only require companionship from a Professional Live-in Carer, as they do not have any additional care needs. Companionship care is ideal for clients who, due to certain circumstances, are now living alone, like Marjorie. 

Marjorie’s husband had recently been transferred to a nursing home after his care needs became more complex. Marjorie and her husband had shared many happy years together in their family home, and now with him living away Marjorie had begun to feel lonely. 

Marjorie has always been active, going on short road trips to her local shopping centres and other places of interest. She is also a very sociable person who loves sharing her memories of playing sport, living in Glasgow and raising her children. Without her husband as a companion within the home, Marjorie had no one to share these memories with until her Professional Live-in Carer arrived. 

Marjorie now has the companionship she greatly missed when her husband moved into the residential nursing home. This has lifted her mood and improved her overall wellbeing. In addition, Marjorie now has care in place to support her if her needs change later in life. 

If you know of someone whose circumstances have changed and are now living alone, contact The Good Care Group to discuss our companionship care package. 


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