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Caring UK – August 2011 New dementia care plan allows person to remain at home

A homecare provider has launched a new dementia care programme that enables the person being looked after not only to remain at home, but also to retain self-worth.

The comprehensive and holistic elements of The Good Care Group’s Expert Dementia Care Package mean that a proactive, fully individualised care plan is employed to optimise quality and enjoyment of life for the person for whom care is provided.

Head of care strategy Zoë Elkins said: “There is much more to caring for the person with dementia than ticking boxes and implementing a set care plan.

“Over three-quarters of the people we look after are living with dementia, and we are dedicated to providing a highly personalised live-in service which fully reflects the client’s emotional and physical lifestyle needs.

“We believe the Expert Dementia Care Package will further enhance our offering. It puts the person with dementia firmly at the centre of care activity, with all aspects of care assessed against need and delivered to be in step with the individual’s pattern of life.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure ongoing emotional wellbeing and the best possible quality of life. The person we look after is always carefully listened to and is always the one to lead the way.”

With the Expert Dementia Care Package, an initial, comprehensive assessment of the person requiring care is conducted by a senior care expert, who talks to family and friends about all areas of the person’s holistic needs and how dementia is experienced and manifested.

The individual’s GP may also be consulted about aspects of healthcare and medication. The senior care expert talks to the person with dementia informally but at length, to begin to gain an understanding of the person’s likes and dislikes, moods and behaviour patterns. The family are also consulted in order to build a detailed profile picture of the person’s past.

For the first month of care, the senior care expert works closely with the professional carers to fine tune the care provision. At the end of the first month, the bespoke care package is fully reviewed.

Subsequent reviews follow at three-month intervals. Allowing care to be adjusted to suit the changing needs of the individual.

Central to each care plan is an understanding of the SPECAL Photograph Album and its associated methodology.

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