Carer story – music and dementia

For many older people, there’s nowhere better than home.  With the support of a Professional Live-in Carer our clients are able to stay safer, healthier and happier in their own homes and communities.


Our Professional Carers have the time to get to know their client, time to help them enjoy life and time to provide outstanding care completely tailored to their needs.  Our Carers will learn about their client’s past, personality and preferences. Whether it is helping with social activities or simply listening, they understand the person being cared for and look for ways to enhance their quality of life in a way that respects their choices and preferences.

Professional Carer Gary was matched with a client living with Dementia.  Not long after he arrived in placement they discovered P’s love for music and used this to help enhance her quality of life.

“When I arrived for my first time on placement with P I quickly became aware of her love of music.  From mid afternoon we would listen to her collection of CD’s.  She loved Daniel O’Donnell,  Patsy Cline and The Carpenters in particular.  She would sit and sing and hum along and I would join in and we would both have a great time together.  It was something she really enjoyed and would help when she was feeling anxious.

I knew how music therapy can be so beneficial to people with Dementia so I did some research and found out that the council ran a fortnightly class in the local community hall.  I spoke with P and she seemed very keen so I signed us both up and the following week we joined the class.

During the class we would sing and clap along to all the old favourites and at the end of it they also provided tea and cake. We would sit and chat to other people in the class for about 30 minutes after the class ended. It was a great occasion every time we went and the singing would often continue on the journey home!  P also met another lady there who was 91 and they became good friends.

The experience was very beneficial for P and she would look forward to it for days before. On her days of high anxiety I would speak to her about it and we would both start singing, which really helped to soothe her.”

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